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20 years of professional accumulation, serving more than 800,000 registered companies

About eteams

eteams is the cloud OA of Shanghai Weaver network technology Co., Ltd. (603039), the first stock listed on the main board of collaborative field. It is a lightweight integrated mobile office cloud platform built by Shanghai Weaver network technology Co., Ltd. by integrating more than 20 years of professional OA experience and adopting the most advanced technology. From the simple and fresh design of the interface, the ultimate experience of operation, to the support of PC, mobile, OpenAPI, third-party applications and other multi port docking and synchronization, eteams can be said to be a SaaS enterprise level application platform with strong usability, which can meet all the basic office application needs of enterprises and realize the deep demands of different industries.
Eteams aims to achieve people and things as the core for all enterprises to create: standardize all approval processes of enterprises, implement periodic work report and execution force, promote enterprise and individual phased projects, coordinate enterprise customer tracking and other CRM business lines, complete daily work tasks and knowledge documents and schedule cooperation, collect internal and external data and information, and freely build personality It is a mobile office collaboration platform integrating enterprise management and cooperation. Each functional member of the enterprise can find the applicable functions in the platform, improve the internal cooperation efficiency, and standardize the workflow business flow of the enterprise. A main line will show all the affairs involved, and quickly carry out communication and cooperation around specific matters, so as to help the enterprise to make all the communication details, employee effectiveness, documents, experience summary, etc Good precipitation and reuse will make enterprise management simpler, enterprise atmosphere more open, and improve the work execution and efficiency of each employee.

About weawer

Our brand
The earliest professional manufacturer involved in the field of collaborative management software in China
Hundreds of basic customers, dozens of industry beacons
Highly valuable brands have been widely recognized in the industry

our products
Mature collaborative management product system
Reflecting new management ideas and design concepts
Comprehensive and deeper collaborative applications bring maximum value to customers
High flexibility and scalability
A series of products and solutions to maximize the different applications of the enterprise

Our R & D
Large-scale R & D center
Continuous R & D investment
Using industry-leading development technology
Closed R & D
9001 quality certification

Our service
Deep knowledge of collaborative applications and office fields, practical experience in multiple industries, and rich experience in providing services to users
Provide a feasible overall IT planning and step-by-step implementation plan, effectively improve the customer's internal management recommendations; maximize the value of product applications
Complete service system, including consulting, solutions, implementation, training, technical support, version upgrade, etc.
Multiple service methods, including website, email, phone, e-journal, self-help question and answer, corporate knowledge base, etc.
Service network throughout the country, professional consulting and service staff

Our qualifications
Key software companies in the national planning layout
2013 Shanghai Star Software Enterprise(Business)(Innovative)
Authorized use"Integrity Online"Credit Identity System
Leading brand of collaborative management software in China
Best Customer Satisfaction Brand in China Collaborative Office
Shanghai Famous Trademark
Authorized use"Integrity Online"Credit Identity System
China's Top 100 Most Competitive Technology Center Enterprises
Best Collaborative Office Platform Provider
Ten influential products of enterprise informatization
Top Ten Signing Orders for Enterprise Informatization
Excellent recommended products for manufacturing enterprises informatization
Excellent classic case of manufacturing enterprise informatization
Software industry recommends excellent software products
Shanghai Outstanding Software Product
National certified high-tech project enterprise
Technology Innovation Fund for SMEs
Shanghai High-tech Achievements Transformation Project
Shanghai Torch Program Project
ISO9001 certification
CMM3 certification

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eteams The growth of the company is inseparable from the attention and support of enthusiastic friends. I hope that you will put forward more needs and suggestions to provide a steady stream of nutrients for the development and improvement of eteams.。

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Shanghai Pan-Micro Network Technology Co., Ltd. Headquarters: 1188, Shanghai Union Road, Pujing Zhigu Building 33, Pan Wei Software Building

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Terms of use

1. About eteams

These Terms of Service are an agreement between you and Shanghai Eteams Information TechnologyCo LTD (hereinafter referred to as Fanwei & Eteams). (hereinafter referred to as the Service) is an Internet software service provided by Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. You must agree to these terms before creating an account and using the service.

This clause is subject to change without notice. Once the revised terms are published on the website, they will effectively replace the original terms of service.

2. Account

You agree and understand that it is your responsibility to keep your passwords associated with any account used to access the Service confidential. You are responsible for all actions and content that occur under your account.

3. Content and copyright

Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. does not own the content you submit on this service, and the ownership of these content remains with you. However, if you make your page public, it means you allow others to view and share your content.

You understand that Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. is not responsible or responsible for any content provided by others, and Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. is under no obligation to review such content in advance. However, Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right to determine at any time whether the content is appropriate and consistent with these Terms; if such content is found to violate this clause or is otherwise offensive, Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. may Discuss, advance, review, transfer, reject, modify, and/Or delete content without prior notice The design and patent of this service are owned by Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. Without the written permission of Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd., you cannot reproduce, copy, or reuse any part of the code and design.

4. Privacy policy

By using this service, you agree that Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. legally collects and uses technical or diagnostic information about you and your use of this service. The information collected will be used to improve the content of the webpage and the quality of our services. Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. will not share or sell your information and content to other organizations. Except for the following

  • You agree to allow third parties to share information
  • Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. needs to obey court summons, legal orders or follow legal procedures
  • You violated these terms

5. termination

You can terminate your account and/Or disable the service

Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. may terminate or suspend all or part of your account and./Or access to this service. Reasons for the termination of such services include, but are not limited to

  • Violation of these Terms of Service
  • You requested to cancel or terminate your account
  • Need to follow court summons, legal order or follow legal process
  • Problems caused by sudden natural disasters
  • War, military operation, riot or armed rebellion
  • You have not paid for the services

Once your account is terminated, you will not be able to use the service normally. In addition, you have the option to delete all information and content under your account.

Last revised June 7, 2021

©Shanghai Fanwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved

Security strategy

eteamsEmploys some of the most advanced cybersecurity technologies available today. When you use industry standard secure socket layer(SSL)When technology visits our site, we use server authentication and data encryption to protect your information and ensure that your data is secure and available only to registered users in your organization. Competitors cannot access your data at all

Each time a user logs in, they must enter a unique username and password provided by eteams. eteams only sends 'cookie' sessions to record encrypted authentication information during a specific session. The session 'cookie' does not contain the user's username and password. eteams does not use 'cookies' to store other confidential user and session information, but implements more advanced security methods based on dynamic data and encoded sessions. ID。

In addition, eteams are hosted in a secure server environment that uses firewalls and other advanced technologies to prevent interference or access by external intruders.

Physical Security Control Strategy

  • Establish a hardware environment protection system. Ensure the safety of the SaaS server, communication equipment and other places, and ensure the normal operation of the computer
  • Establish a multi-level backup mechanism. Data backup is a protection method to prevent data loss caused by system operation errors or system failures. It can ensure that user data can be quickly recovered and not intercepted by third parties in the event of a major problem, ensuring the security of operating service systems.

Network Security Control Strategy

  • Use a firewall. As the entrance and exit of information between different networks or network security domains, the firewall can control the flow of information to and from the network in accordance with the security policy of the network system, and has a strong anti-attack ability, which effectively guarantees the security of the internal network.
  • Enable intrusion detection system. This is the second security gate behind the firewall, which can effectively prevent hacker attacks, monitor network transmissions on the computer network in real time, and analyze intrusion signals from outside and inside the network. Warn before systems are compromised, respond to attacks in real time, and provide remedial action
  • Implement network monitoring. Using the network monitoring system to perform the operation of the network equipment24-hour real-time monitoring, so that the network will get an alarm the first time it fails
  • Data transmission control. SaaS applications are completely internet-based and use secure hypertext protocolsHTTPS(Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer)
  • Team up with network carriers. Communication operators have an exclusive advantage in the network. They can provide one-stop services for software services, server hosting, and network access, so as to achieve end-to-end SLA (ServiceLevelAgreement) guarantees, eliminating customer concerns about network stability.

System security control strategy

  • System hardening. Load balancing equipment is deployed in front of the SaaS application server to achieve load balancing and high availability between multiple application servers
  • Vulnerability scan fixes. Configure a website security scanning platform to monitor the newly discovered vulnerabilities and weak links in real time, and install patch fixes in a timely manner
  • Virus protection. Comprehensive consideration, formulate a multi-layered, comprehensive anti-virus strategy, establish a network virus protection system by applying network anti-virus products, closing unnecessary applications in the system, and doing a good job of scanning and anti-virus before the use of mobile hard disks, USB flash drives and other equipment.

Applying security control policies

  • Data isolation. Use a separate database for each customer data
  • data encryption. Adopt the most advanced and universal MD5 data encryption
  • Authority control. Use access control lists (ACLs) to define access rights and manipulate data to ensure that valid users use the system normally
  • Authentication. User-level control strategy authentication uses centralized authentication to prevent illegal users from using the system.

appPrivacy policy

1、During the process of registering an eteams account or using the service, the user needs to provide some necessary personal information, for example: in order to provide the account registration service to the user or to identify the user, a mobile phone number or email address needs to be filled in; the call function requires the user to authorize access to mobile communication Record and so on. If national laws, regulations or policies have special provisions, users need to provide true identity information. If the information provided by the user is incomplete, the service cannot be used or is restricted during use

2、If the user has the eteams mobile app installed, it may read basic and stored information about the user ’s mobile device, including but not limited to your device's make and model, device identification number, carrier, your country or region, your phone Number, contact and location information, etc.

3、When users perform certain actions while using eteams (such as inviting to add colleagues), we may send notifications to users or related contacts

4、Permission to use voice microphone when using smart voice e

5、File sending and camera permissions are required to send pictures when chatting

6、Comment feedback, need location permission when writing daily

7、When you upload and manage personal information such as member names, photos, mobile phone numbers, etc., please ensure that you have obtained the explicit consent of the members of the organization in advance, and only collect user information necessary for operation and function realization, and have fully informed the members of the organization Purpose, scope and use of relevant data collection

8、When users launch third-party applications on the eteams platform, we will collect and process relevant information in accordance with our privacy policy. Third-party application service providers can collect your personal information when you use eteams services, and your information collection should follow the third-party application's own privacy policy

9、The purpose of eteams to collect and use the above information is to provide you with personalized services through website operation and service delivery, including but not limited to providing you with a better Ding chat user experience. In addition, the information can also be used to inform you of new functions and services through website, email, telephone, SMS, etc., or to send business information that you may be interested in, such as holiday greetings, product application updates, skill training, etc.

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