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As a veteran with 20 years of experience in the industry, Weaver has served more than 800,000 registered enterprises.


eteams is a lightweight cloud OA platform built by Weaver Network Technology Co., Ltd., the No. 1 mainboard-listed company in the field of collaborative office solutions (stock code: 603039). The platform provides integrated office solutions on mobile terminals based on the company's 20+ years of experience in OA and advanced technologies. eteams has elegant and simple UI design, provides ultimate user experience, and supports data synchronization among PCs, mobile terminals, OpenAPI, and third-party applications. eteams is an easy-to-use SaaS platform that meets the basic requirements of enterprises on office solutions and their in-depth requirements across industries.
eteams aims to be an integrated business management and office collaboration platform that focuses on the management of personnel and business matters. The platform can help enterprises provide a standard for all approval workflows, implement periodic work reporting and execution, advance staged projects of enterprises and staff, improve CRM, such as customer follow-up, complete routine work, generate knowledge documentation, arrange schedules, collect internal and external data, and build personalized applications. This way, the platform helps enterprises perform enterprise management and team collaboration on mobile terminals. The platform provides functions applicable to all functional departments of enterprises. This improves the efficiency of internal collaboration and standardizes business workflows. The platform helps enterprises create a task chain to integrate related tasks, and quickly start communication and collaboration around specific matters. It also allows enterprises to record and learn from communication details, improve personnel effectiveness, reuse files and documents, and replicate successful experiences. This way, enterprise management is simplified, the workplace environment becomes more open, and the execution and efficiency of employees are improved.

About Us

Our Brand:
The first professional vendor of collaborative management software in China.
A solution provider that has a user base consisting of hundreds of basic customers and dozens of industry leaders.
A highly valuable brand that has been widely recognized by the industry.

A mature system for collaborative management.
Up-to-date insights into management and design.
Comprehensive and deepened collaborative applications that bring maximum value to customers.
High flexibility and scalability.
A broad range of products and solutions to meet as many needs of enterprises as possible.

A large-scale R&D center.
Continuous investment in R&D.
Industry-leading development techniques.
Closed R&D process.
ISO 9001 certified.

Our Services:
We have in-depth knowledge of office collaboration applications, practical experience in multiple industries, and extensive experience in serving users.
We provide customers with feasible overall IT planning, step-by-step implementation solutions, and suggestions on internal management to maximize usage of our products.
We provide a customer service system that consists of services, such as consulting, solution designing, solution implementation, training, technical support, and product version upgrades.
We provide customer services via various channels, including the website, email, telephone, e-newsletter, auto Q&A, and corporate knowledge base.
We have a nationwide service network of professional consultants and service personnel.

A key software enterprise within national overall arrangement
2013 Shanghai star software enterprise(Operation)(Innovation)
Authorized use"Online integrity"Credit identification system
A leading brand of collaboration management software in China
A top brand that obtained customer satisfaction in co-working in China
Famous trademark in Shanghai
Authorized use"Online integrity"Credit identification system
One of the top 100 most competitive technology enterprises in China
Best co-working platform provider
One of the top 10 influential products for enterprise informatization
One of the top 10 companies with the most signings in enterprise informatization
Recommended informatization product for manufacturing enterprises
Excellent case of manufacturing enterprise informatization
Recommended product in the software industry
Outstanding software product in Shanghai
Enterprise for nationally certified high-tech projects
Technology innovation fund for SMEs
Shanghai high-tech achievement transformation project
Shanghai Torch project
ISO9001 certified
CMM3 certification

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eteams We cannot achieve our growth without your support. We hope that you will provide as much feedback and as many suggestions as possible to continuously improve eteams.。

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Shanghai Pan-Micro Network Technology Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Weaver Software Park · No. 3419 Sanlu Highway · Shanghai

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Terms of use

1. About

The Terms of Service constitute an agreement between you and Shanghai Tianmu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weaver & Tianmu). (hereinafter referred to as the Service) is an Internet software service provided by Weaver Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weaver). You must agree to the Terms of Use before you create an account to use the Service.

The Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice. The revised Terms of Service will replace the original one once they are posted on the website.

2. Account

You agree and understand that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password associated with any account used to access the Service. You are responsible for all actions and content under your account.

3. Content and copyright

Weaver does not own the content you submit on the Service. You retain ownership of such content. However, if you make your page public, this allows others to view and share your content.

You understand that Weaver is not responsible or liable in any way for any content provided by users, and that Weaver has no obligation to review such content in advance. However, Weaver reserves the right to determine at any time whether the content is appropriate and consistent with the Terms of Use. If such content is found to violate the Terms of Use or is otherwise objectionable, Weaver may, at any time and in its absolute discretion, screen, transfer, reject, modify,/and/or delete the content without prior notice. Weaver owns the design and patent of the Service. You may not reproduce, copy, or reuse any part of the code or design without the written consent of Weaver.

4. Privacy policy

By using the Service, you agree that Weaver can lawfully collect and use technical or diagnostic information about you and your use of the Service. The information collected will be used to improve the content of our website and to enhance the quality of our services. Weaver will not share or sell your information and content to other organizations except in the following circumstances:

  • You consent to share your information with third parties.
  • Weaver has to share such information at the request of a court subpoena, legal order, or legal procedure.
  • You are in breach of the Terms of Use.

5. Termination

You may terminate your account/and/or deactivate the Service at any time.

Weaver may immediately terminate or suspend all or part of your account and access to the Service at any time without prior notice/under certain circumstances, which include but are not limited to:

  • You violate the Terms of Service.
  • You request to cancel or terminate your account.
  • Weaver needs to terminate or suspend your account because of a court subpoena, legal order, or legal procedure.
  • Problems caused by sudden natural disasters.
  • Wars, military actions, insurrections, or armed rebellions.
  • You have not paid the fees associated with the Service.

Once your account is terminated, you will not be able to use the Service properly. In addition, you have the option to delete all information and content under your account.

Last modified: June 7, 2021.

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Security policy

eteamseteams adopts cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies. When you visit our site using the industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol,(SSL)we use server authentication and data encryption to protect your information and ensure that your data is secure and available only to registered users within your organization. Competitors cannot access your data.

Each time you log on to the system, you must enter a unique username and password provided by eteams. eteams only sends cookie-based sessions to record encrypted authentication information during a particular session. The session cookie does not contain your username and password. eteams will not use cookies to store other confidential information about you and the session. Instead, eteams uses advanced security methods that are based on dynamic data and encoding sessions. ID。

In addition, eteams is hosted in a secure server environment that uses firewalls and other advanced technologies to block interference and intrusion.

Physical security control policy

  • We established a hardware environment protection system to secure the locations of SaaS servers and communication equipment and ensure the normal operation of computers.
  • We also built a multi-level data backup mechanism to prevent data loss due to operation errors or system failure. This ensures that user data can be recovered quickly and not intercepted by third parties in case of major problems, thus, ensuring the security of the service system.

Network security control policy

  • We use firewalls. As the entrance and exit of information between different networks or network security domains, a firewall controls information flows to and from a network according to the network security policy, and has a strong anti-attack capability. This effectively ensures the security of the internal network.
  • We enable an intrusion detection system. The system is the second security gate after the firewall, which effectively prevents hacker attacks, monitors data transmission in real time on computer networks, and analyzes intrusion signals from outside and inside the network. The intrusion detection system will give an early warning before the system is damaged, react to attacks in real time, and provide remediation.
  • We implement network monitoring. We establish a network monitoring system to monitor the operation status of network equipmentin real-time, 24/7. This ensures that you are alerted at the first sign of network failure.
  • We control data transmission. Our SaaS applications are completely based on the Internet and use secure hypertext protocols.HTTPS(Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer)
  • We team up with network operators. Network operators have an exclusive advantage in networks. They provide a one-stop shop from software service, and server hosting to network access. This ensures end-to-end Service Level Agreement (SLA) and dispels customers' concerns over network stability.

System security control policy

  • We are dedicated to system reinforcement. We deploy load balancers on the front end of SaaS application servers to achieve load balancing and high availability among multiple application servers.
  • We scan and fix vulnerabilities. We configure a website security scanner to monitor the latest vulnerabilities and weaknesses in real time, install patches, and fix the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a timely manner.
  • Perform antivirus protection. We developed a multi-level, all-around anti-virus strategy, and established a network virus protection system by applying anti-virus products, closing unnecessary applications in the system, and scanning viruses in mobile hard drives, USB drives and other devices before use.

Application security control policy

  • We perform data segregation by using a separate database for the data of each customer.
  • We perform data encryption by using the advanced and universal MD5 data encryption technology.
  • We perform permission control by using Access Control Lists (ACLs) to define access permissions and modify data. This ensures that users can use the system properly.
  • We perform authentication. Our user-level control policy uses centralized authentication to prevent illegal users from using the system.

appPrivacy policy

1、When you register with eteams or use the service of eteams, you need to provide necessary personal information. For example, you need to provide your phone number or email address for account registration or user identification; and grant eteams the permission to access your contacts for initiating voice calls. Where required by national laws, regulations, or policies, you must provide real identity information. If you fail to provide complete information as required, you cannot use the service or can use only limited features of the service.

2、The mobile client of eteams will read the basic information and stored data of your mobile device, including but not limited to the brand and model, identification number, ISP, your country or region, your phone number, your contacts, and location information.

3、When you perform certain operations in eteams, such as adding a colleague to your contacts, the system may send notifications to the corresponding users.

4、To use E-assistant, our smart voice service, you must grant E-assistant the permission to use the microphone.

5、To send pictures in a chat window, you must grant eteams the permission to use file storage and camera.

6、To leave comments and create daily reports, you must grant eteams the permission to obtain your location.

7、Before you upload and manage the personal information of organization members, such as their names, photos, and phone numbers, you must have obtained their explicit consent. You can collect only user information that is necessary for the purpose of operation and function implementation, and have fully informed organization members of the purpose, scope, and usage of the collected data.

8、When you launch a third-party application in eteams, the relevant information will be collected and processed in accordance with the privacy policy. The service provider of the third-party application may collect your personal information when you use eteams services, and your personal information is collected in accordance with the privacy policy of the third-party application.

9、eteams collects and uses the above information to operate its website and deliver services, including but not limited to providing you with personalized services for a better user experience. In addition, we may also use the information to notify you of new features and services via the website, email, phone call, SMS, or to send commercial information that you may be interested in, such as holiday greetings, product or application updates, and skill training.

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