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Advance the goal with your team, and know about what other team members do every day anytime and anywhere.
Use the eteams WeCom suite to set up a mobile OA collaboration space for your team.
WeCom Service Provider There is no need to install any application. You can directly use your applications on the WeCom platform
or by using your WeChat business account.eteams
Install Applications on WeCom
  • Mobile Office

    The system provides 12 office applications covering all aspects of team collaboration and management.

    • Approval Workflow

      Customized workflows and various approval methods are supported. Mobile approval makes approval workflows extremely efficient and convenient.

    • Daily Work Report

      Record, review and report your work every day with ease, stay informed of the performance of subordinates, and communicate with them and coordinate their work in a timely and effective manner.

    • Plans and Reports

      Clearly understand subordinates’ work performance and plans at each stage, customize report templates, and standardize subordinates’ reporting format and content.

    • Mobile Attendance

      Accurately locate employees and automatically track their attendance. Customize the attendance system according to the attendance rules of the enterprise.

    • Weaver Cloud Office

      One application integrates90%work modules.

  • Team Collaboration

    You can easily carry out cross-department and cross-region collaboration and communication around any specific issue.

    • Project Management

      A variety of templates are available to help you track the progress of the entire plan. This facilitates efficient communication and rapid implementation across departments and organizational structures.

    • Task Collaboration

      Work plans from all sources are brought together. This helps you organize daily tasks, and provide strong support for dynamic collaboration of multiple people on multiple tasks, so as to improve collaboration efficiency.

    • Schedule

      Record individual work plans and the team work plans at any time, associated tasks, and schedule customer contact reminders. This helps achieve all-around schedule management.

    • Knowledge Documents

      Record all documents in the process of collaboration to form a mobile knowledge base, and establish an internal knowledge sharing mechanism. This allows you to reuse documents and maximize resources.

  • Customer Relations

    Mobile CRM and one-stop sales collaboration solution facilitate sales process management.

    • CRM

      You can follow up with customers anytime and anywhere. This way, you will not miss any key opportunities. You are provided with an all-around sales collaboration solution covering lead management, customer follow-up, and order management.

  • HRM

    Easier way to issue payrolls and more efficient HR management

    • Payroll

      You can send payslips in batches by using WeCom or emails, enhancing efficiency and privacy.

    • Performance Appraisal

      Help HR staff to carry out performance appraisal with appraisal templates and standards. Establish automated appraisal workflows to improve efficiency.

  • Forms and Workflows

    Redefine collaboration with data and improve enterprise efficiency through mobile approval

    • Forms and Workflows

      The powerful approval workflow engine and form design capabilities of Weaver eteams can help you customize workflows and scenarios that are difficult to manage.

  • Contact Suite

    Communicate anytime and anywhere to prevent messages from being delayed

    • Contacts

      Work contacts are synchronized across all terminals to facilitate timely communication and feedback within the enterprise. This prevents messages from being delayed and ensures secure internal communication.

  • E-contract

    Convenient signing and efficient management

    • E-contract

      Implement fully-digital comprehensive contract management across the whole lifecycle, from contract signing, execution, invoicing, and payment collection, to archival. You can monitor contract progress, grant workflow approval, and e-sign contracts anytime and anywhere.