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Corporate WeChat suite WeChat mobile office
Enterprise wechat account
Work with the team to advance the goals, understand the process of each person, and focus on the day to day
Make use of eteams enterprise WeChat suite to build mobile OA office collaboration space for teams
Enterprise wechat service provider No need to install APP from enterprise WeChat platform or use enterprise micro
Letter account login, can be used directlyeteams
Each application is installed to enterprise wechat
  • Mobile office

    Provide 12 office applications, covering all aspects of teamwork and management

    • Workflow

      Customized enterprise processes, support diversified approval processing mobile approval to comprehensively improve the timeliness and convenience of approval

    • Daily Work Report

      Work traces, daily work easily review and report the effectiveness of subordinates early know, timely and effective communication and coordination of the work of subordinates

    • Work Report

      Know well the results of the subordinate's periodical work and plan to customize the report template, and standardize the format and content of the subordinate's report

    • Mobile attendance

      Accurately locate the attendance position, automatically count the attendance track, and customize the exclusive attendance system according to the enterprise attendance rules.

    • Weaver cloud Office

      An application that integrates the daily needs of the enterprise90%Working module of

  • Teamwork

    Easily carry out cross departmental and cross regional collaborative communication around any specific matter

    • project management

      A variety of templates can be used to track the progress of the whole project, breaking the inter-departmental and organizational structure patterns, flexible communication and quick implementation

    • Task Collaboration

      Bring together a work plan from all sources, and figure out what needs to be done each day to effectively support multi-tasking and multi-person dynamic collaboration and improve collaboration efficiency

    • Schedule

      Record individual and team work plans, tasks and customer contact reminders at any time to achieve 360-degree overall schedule management

    • Knowledge Document

      The mobile knowledge network disk of the enterprise records all documents in the process of collaboration to establish an internal knowledge sharing mechanism, reuse documents and make full use of resources

  • Customer relationship

    Mobile CRM, one-stop sales collaboration scheme to realize the whole process management of sales

    • CRM

      Follow up and contact with customers at any time, not missing key opportunities from lead management, customer follow up to order management and other comprehensive sales synergies.

  • HRM

    Simpler salary payment and high efficiency of personnel work

    • Payroll

      Bidding farewell to the traditional distribution, work details are pushed to employees in bulk to push the enterprise WeChat and email, and employees receive high privacy

    • Performance appraisal

      Convenient for personnel to advance employee performance evaluation, establish evaluation templates and specifications; customize and configure automated evaluation processes to improve performance evaluation

  • Form flow

    Redefining collaboration with data and further improving internal efficiency through mobile approval

    • Form flow

      Based on the powerful Workflow engine and form design ability of Weaver eteams, it helps enterprises to customize and implement more complex processes and scenarios

  • Address book kit

    Communication anytime, anywhere, seamless message connection

    • Mail list

      Synchronous enterprise address book, timely communication and feedback within the enterprise, seamless connection of work messages, safer internal communication

  • Electronic contract

    more convenient signing and more efficient management

    • Electronic contract

      the whole life cycle process management is carried out from the signing, execution, invoice issuing, payment collection and filing of the contract, and the progress of the contract can be monitored anytime and anywhere, the process approval can be carried out, and the whole process electronic management can be realized through electronic signature and seal