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Every minute counts, so we have no time to lose. Enhance your sense of time and establish your to-do list. Time-based teamwork allows you to know the time arrangements of each individual to prevent scheduling conflicts.

Time Management

View a calendar by month, week, and day. Plan specific time for arrangements to make the most out of your days. At the same time, multi-client message reminders help you avoid forgetting arrangements. You can also add your non-work arrangements into the schedule for your own full-time management.

Multi-person Schedule

Your business needs in multi-person scenarios, such as interviews, business trips, and meetings that involve multiple people can be fulfilled. You can make time arrangements for not only individuals but also your colleagues to establish a common work plan.

Private Schedule

If you don't want to disclose your schedule or make it available to your superiors, you can arrange your own schedule only available to yourself using the private schedule feature.

Occupation of Time

Check the schedule of each colleague anytime and anywhere. The system provides permission control. You can only earn about the occupied period of others rather than the specific activities of the schedule. This way, you can know whether a certain period of a colleague is occupied to avoid interruptions at work.

Public Schedule

To know the destination of a colleague who is on a business trip, or to disclose your out-of-office activities to your colleagues and superiors, you can simply use the public schedule feature. For the team, the out-of-office activities of the team members are naturally observable.

Arrangement for Subordinates

Supervisors such as managers can directly schedule events for their subordinates and supervise the specific schedule and work progress of each team member each day.

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