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Daily Work Report

After work, review, showcase, and share your achievements of the day. Record your daily accomplishments and share your experience.Gain insight into the work status and efficiency of each member of the entire organization, and the progress of each project.

Work Review

After work, review your accomplishments of the day, and show them to your leaders and colleagues who follow your activities. You can also share your experiences and insights for work.

Automatic Report

The daily report module automatically collects your daily activities in the system. For example, it shows tasks with progress feedback, tasks that you have completed, customers who you have contacted with, and approval requests that you have processed. The system automatically lists your work of a day without the need for manual input.

Share Your Insights

In order to solve difficulties at work, you may have experienced joys and sorrows and finally managed to find a solution. You can share your sights with other colleagues to help them save time.

Know Others' Accomplishments

Check the daily reports of the people you follow to see the accomplishments of your colleagues or superiors so that you can learn from each other's strengths and make progress together. You can also check the work of your subordinates, find problems, and give suggestions to them at any time. This helps build a boundaryless organization.

Know Subordinates' Accomplishments

The progress of work is determined by the daily work accomplishments of each member of the team, including the projects that are pushed forward, the tasks that are completed, the tasks for which progress is made, the documents that are shared, the customers who you have accumulated, and the customers that you contact within each day.

Work Status

Emotions at work are not only shown on the face. You can also feel the emotions of your colleagues from their daily reports, including whether there are uncoordinated situations, whether some problems have not been solved, and even whether someone is loafing on the job.

Comment Reply

If you think your subordinate's or colleague's daily report is excellent, give it a like. You can also share your opinion or suggestions on the content of your colleague's daily report. To help others is to make your own thoughts clearer.


Instant inspiration does not come only from the regular task arrangements, but also arises from the process of exchanging and sharing ideas with colleagues. Through turning tasks in replies and comments into tasks in time, you can view work arrangements in an all-around way.

Daily Report Statistics

There are benefits that you can get from developing such a habit: Every day at the end of the work, use five minutes to review the daily work progress as well as the next day's arrangements. You can know how many colleagues complete this process in time through the daily report statistics.

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