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Daily work

After work, review your own day's gains, show and share today's achievements and work experience, record the work and experience of each day.Can see the work status and effectiveness of each member of the entire organization, the progress of each item

Work review

After work, review your hard work for the day, show the achievements of the day to your leaders and colleagues, and share some of the experience and experience in the work process.

Automatic reporting

The daily report module will automatically collect what you have done in the system in a day, such as which tasks have progress feedback, which tasks have been completed, which customers have been contacted, and which approvals have been workflowed. You can automatically list the tasks of the day without manual entry.

Experience Sharing

In order to solve the difficulties in the work, I tried to find a solution. The sweetness and bitterness can only be understood by myself. Why not share this good knowledge with other colleagues and help them take less detours.

Results of others

Check the daily report I follow, see what my colleagues or superiors have done, learn from each other's strengths, and make progress together; and check the work of subordinates, find problems, and guide at any time, so that our organization has no boundaries.

Subordinate work effectiveness

The promotion of work comes from the daily work results of each team member, which projects are advanced every day, how many tasks are completed, how many tasks are progressed, how many documents are Shared, how many customers are accumulated and contacted.

Work status

Work emotion is not only shown on the face, from the daily report between the lines can feel the colleagues of the status of the day, whether encountered bad coordination, whether some problems have not been solved, or even whether there are corners.

Comment reply

If you think your subordinate or colleague's daily report is good, just like it! Or according to the content of colleagues' daily newspaper sharing, talk about your views or different views, or suggest solutions, helping others actually make their thinking clearer.

Memo tasks

Instant inspiration not only comes from regular work task arrangements, but also generates communication and sharing with colleagues. In response, tasks in comments are turned into tasks in time, so that the work is presented to you in 360 degrees.

Daily report statistics

The habit is only good: 5 minutes before work every day to review the daily work progress and the simple arrangements for the next day, but how many colleagues have persisted every day, you can understand in real time through daily report statistics.

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