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Manage the clue resources of each channel from customer sources to facilitate the subsequent record and analysis of the entire life cycle of the customer; all channel leads are centrally allocated and managed in a unified way to optimize the internal resource allocation of the enterprise.

Centralized management of clues from various channels, standardized and safe

Multi-channel centralized management of leads to ensure the safe circulation of leads
Standardize the clues from the source and avoid the loss of clues scattered by business personnel

Mobile terminal contacts and manages clue resources anytime and anywhere.

Mobile terminal quickly new clues, do not forget any clues
Mobile terminal contacts the customer anytime and anywhere and synchronously feedback the customer's contact status.
The mobile terminal invalidates the clue and transfers the customer according to the negotiation situation.

Optimize internal resource allocation and establish internal clue allocation mechanism

Guarantee that leads will not miss sales opportunities because no one follows
According to business needs, lead sources, etc., establish a lead distribution mechanism suitable for the enterprise
Centralized distribution, allowing branches and other companies to share marketing results in a timely manner

Clues to customers, strengthen customer source to customer follow-up control

Supports one-click transfer to customers, making customer source analysis and follow-up process easier to control
Establish smart contact reminders, system message real-time reminders
Comprehensive and accurate understanding of the customer acquisition and quality of each channel, and optimize channel management;

Customize the clue library to meet the needs of different industries

The clues are customized to meet the needs of various enterprises
Customize clue pool option values, rules, etc. to better fit corporate business scenarios
Custom lead pool administrators to ensure maximum data security

Collaborative support to establish a close relationship between business workflows

Leads and customer database to establish a complete customer lifecycle management model
Activity leads can be imported into the corresponding lead pool with one click to establish a sales closed loop.

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