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E-contract management

Implement fully-digital comprehensive contract management across the whole lifecycle, from contract signing, execution, invoicing, and payment collection, to archival. You can monitor contract progress and review and approve workflows anytime and anywhere. You can also manage contract payment, actual payment and invoicing information in stages. This improves the efficiency of team collaboration and contract management.

Centralize All Contracts of the Enterprise for Easy Management and Use

Paperless Work Avoids the Difficulties in Paper Contract Management
Unified management of all contracts signed by customers, suppliers, partners, etc.
Mobile clients and other platforms facilitate online search and use.
Automatic payment statistics on the total amount of payments help to know about the team performance in real time.

Associate with customers to achieve CRM, which keeps you informed of the latest information about payment collection

Associate the contract module with customers. This helps salespeople review the whole customer journey from follow-up to transaction, and allows relevant personnel to learn more about the customers. After the sales contract is submitted and created, the system will automatically calculate the contract value. This allows business and management staff to know the latest news about payment collection.

Form invoicing and payment collection plans to ensure contract performance

You can create staged invoicing and payment collection plans to better control the pace of payment collection and prevent relevant personnel from forgetting late payments. After you fill in the information of collected payments, the system will automatically remind relevant personnel. In this way, they can keep up with collected payments and inform other colleagues in a timely manner.

Establish a Standardized Contract Process and Perform a Secure and Standardized Management

Standardize the process of signing contracts to avoid unnecessary troubles.
Contracts is associated with approval workflow, so you can use the mobile client to submit and view the progress of the contract approval anytime and anywhere.

Submit and handle order and contract approval workflows anytime and anywhere

Sales orders and contracts are associated with contract and order approval workflows and customer profiles. Salespeople can submit contracts and orders anytime on their mobile phones, and superiors or finance personnel can view and handle the workflows on multiple terminals. They can communicate with each other and give feedback online in real time. This improves the efficiency of contract and order processing.

Communicate contract abnormalities online in real time to improve collaboration efficiency

After the contract is created, you can discuss with relevant personnel about the content and abnormalities of the contract online in real time. Personnel from other departments that assist in business development can also voice their opinions in real time. This strengthens cooperation between these departments.

Customized Contracts Meet the Personalized Needs of Various Industries

Both contract status and bill types support customization, which makes your business processes more efficient.
Set different approval processes for people with different roles in your enterprise, such as sales staff and agents, for more standardized workflow management.
Set the read and editing permissions for each field of the contract card to guarantee information security.

Automatically Generate Statistical Reports to Analyze the Contract Status from Multiple Perspectives

View the statistics of the team's customers over a period of time at any time, and understand the details of contract signing from multiple perspectives.
View the team performance at any time and over multiple periods to make summaries and reviews with ease.

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