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Electronic contact management

From the signing, execution, invoicing, repayment, and filing of the contract to the management of the entire life cycle process. You can also monitor contract progress and workflow approvals anytime, anywhere. It is also possible to manage contract repayment, actual repayment and billing information in stages, and the collaboration between personnel is more efficient and more efficient contract management is achieved.

Centralize all the contracts of the enterprise for easy management and transfer

Paperless office, improving management of paper contracts
All contracts signed by customers, suppliers and partners are under unified management
Mobile terminal and other ports to facilitate online search calls
Automatically count the total amount of rebate and other data to grasp the team's performance in real time

Support related CRM customers and control payment collection dynamic in real time

The contract module is associated with customers, which facilitates sales to better review the entire process of the overall customer from follow-up to the transaction, and also allows relevant personnel to better understand the details of the customer. And after the sales contract is submitted and created, the contract amount system will automatically calculate the statistics, which is convenient for business personnel and management personnel to know the contract payment dynamics.

Make plans for billing and payment collection to ensure the orderly execution of the contract

Can set up a multi - period invoice collection plan, better control the rhythm of collection, to avoid personnel forget the slow situation. After the payment collection information is filled in, the system will automatically remind relevant personnel, so as to timely inform relevant colleagues of the payment collection information

Establish standardized contract process, safety standard management

Standardize the process of signing contracts to avoid unnecessary trouble and wrangling
Contract is associated with approval, mobile terminal anytime and anywhere to submit to check the Workflow progress

Contract order Workflow is submitted at any time and processed at any time

The sales order contract is associated with the contract order Workflow, and the customer's customer card is linked. Sales can submit contract orders at any time on the mobile phone. The superior or the financial can view and workflow the sales contract order workflow in multiple ports. Online real-time communication feedback improves the processing of contract orders effectiveness

Real-time online feedback on contract abnormalities to improve collaboration efficiency

After the contract is created, the contract content and abnormal conditions can be communicated online with relevant personnel, and even other business collaboration departments can feedback in real time to strengthen the cooperation of the relevant business departments.

Customize the contract to meet the individual needs of various industries

Contract status, ticket type, etc. all support customization, and enterprise business workflowes are smoother.
Set up different Workflows for different groups such as sales and agents, and more standardized workflow management
View and edit permissions for each field on the contract card to ensure information security

Automatic statistical report generation, multi-angle analysis of contract situation

Check the team's transaction customer statistics at any time and understand the contract signing situation from multiple perspectives.
View team performance statistics at any time, multi-dimensional time comparison for easy summary review

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