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One-stop CRM Customer Management System

Perform unified management of marketing activities, leads, customers, contacts, business opportunities, order contracts, products, competitors, and sales statements. Establish the whole tracking management based on the sales funnel and deal with leads, customers, and business opportunities respectively.

Complete Customer Lifecycle Management

The CRM system keeps records of the whole customer lifecycle, from lead generation, and customer follow-up to contract execution and tracking. You can view and maintain customer information anytime and anywhere, and be informed of any information updates. This helps you implement complete customer lifecycle management.

Process Tracking and Good Contact Plans Help You Seize Every Business Opportunity

Set up intelligent contact reminder plans for each customer and business opportunity on the mobile client or PC.
Create different contact records and reminders separately for multiple contacts and manage each contact's information.
Batch creation of contact reminder rules based on the sales funnel and customer type can be conducted to standardize the contact scheduling.
Category records for both business trips and phone calls for customers or business opportunities can be created.
Scientific and systematic management of the customer contact process greatly improve the sales execution.

Marketing Activities Connect the Customer Acquisition Process with Customer Database

Activities promote online collaboration and communication among team members and achieve real-time communication and feedback through mobile clients. This brings higher execution efficiency.
Integrate data acquired by the activities with customers to achieve complete data and information management.
Unify the activity portals, centralize the promotion and management of all activities, and strengthen the management of customer acquisition process.
User-defined activity content: Customize the configuration of activities according to the type and mode of marketing activities of enterprises.

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Lead Management Optimizes Resource Allocation from the Source

Intelligent and efficient management of each lead by standardizing, controlling, and managing the leads from the source.
You can create and manage leads at any time on both mobile terminals and PCs, and provide feedback on the contact and processing details of leads.
Optimize internal resource allocation, establish internal lead distribution mechanism, and maximize resource utilization.
Systematic connection is established for the whole process from the lead creation, assignment, and follow-up, to lead-to-customer conversion.
You can customize management rules of lead pools and the business rules required by each enterprise.

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Contact Management Classifies and Refines the Management of Customers and Other Resources

Batch import and creation of external resources such as customers and suppliers are supported. Automatic ranking is used to avoid duplication.
Marketing interactions with customers by SMS and email can be made individually or in batches to enhance customer relationship maintenance.
Intelligent reminders for due dates and customer birthdays show considerate marketing.
Establish intelligent contact reminders and real-time reminders of system messages.

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Customer Management Helps You Forge Strong Ties with Customers and Gain Competitive Advantages

The whole customer contact process is recorded. These records automatically form a customer profile and help you gain sales experience.
Customize release rules and management permissions of the customer public pool and fully share internal resources.
Customize customer information and rules, and flexibly configure an exclusive customer management system.
Multi-dimensional statistics and accurate analysis of customer data propel optimization of the sales process and improve sales efficiency.

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Business Opportunity Management Focusing on Key Processes Helps Win More Orders

A complete perspective of information enables you to grasp the key information of each business opportunity.
SMS and email marketing can be conducted for individuals or groups of customers based on business opportunities, which help maintain key processes.
Customize the sales workflow management and establish the management system for different sales models.
Automatic calculation of collected payments from business opportunities is provided to enable an early understanding of sales performance.
Customize field information of business opportunities and contact rules so that you can create different business opportunity systems for different business models.
Segment business opportunity data to form complete reports, which optimizes the sales process and improves the transaction conversion rate.

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Contract Management Brings Efficient and Standardized Management of Order Contracts

Associated contract approval processes can be created. You can submit and approve the order and contract workflow anytime and anywhere.
Real-time statistics of contract data are displayed to help you know the process of the payment collections of each contract.
Full management of the business transaction process involves the contract, order approval, payment collection, and invoice.
Abnormal conditions of the contract can be communicated online in real-time to improve the efficiency of cross-departmental collaboration.
Contract fields, usage specifications, and payment due reminders can be customized as needed.
Statistical reports automatically check and calculate payment collections of contracts, and show sales performance.

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Product Management with Associated Product Databases Helps Achieve Sales Goals

Associate products with business opportunities and contracts so that each transaction is clear to be understood.
Unified management of on-sale products of your enterprise can be performed to build an intelligent sales process.
Customize the types and field information of products to manage different types of products of your enterprise.

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Know Your Competitors to Increase the Chance of Winning Orders

Establish a competitor intelligence database, associate the information about the relevant customer orders, and automatically form a competitive product analysis system.
Associate competitors with business opportunities to help analyze follow-up strategies and obtain targeted customer orders.
Customize competitor business data and field information, and conduct more flexible analysis and records of competitive products.

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Provide Order Management and Realize Closed-loop Sales, Which Improves Efficiency and Standardization

Establish a standardized order management system and realize closed-loop sales.
Provide real-time online feedback on abnormal orders, which facilitates your business.
Automatically collect payment data, which helps you grasp the pace of payment.
Customize a review mechanism for order workflows, which facilitates standardized management without compromising efficiency.

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Establish a Pricing System That Consists of Diversified Prices, Which Helps Standardize Order Prices

Digital management of prices and centralized management of differentiated prices, which help standardize order processing.
Submitted quotations will automatically enter the internal review workflows. This prevents losses caused by inappropriate quotations.
Connect orders to their price data so that you can access the price list with one click.
Customize the management of diversified prices to meet the requirements of different enterprises.

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Strict Control of the Use of Funds Facilitates Reasonable and Standardized Management of Enterprises' Funds

Digital management of prices and centralized management of differentiated prices, which help standardize order processing.
Manage All Funds Online and Get a Clear Picture of How They Are Used
Transparent Online Communication on Financing, Which Prevents Illegal Operations
Refined Permission Settings Effectively Ensure the Security of Your Funds
Customized fund management can meet different requirements of fund management in different enterprises.

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Quantify and Refine Sales Targets to Help Complete Sales Assessments

Manage the entire process of setting, implementing, checking, and adjusting sales targets.
Quantify and visualize individual sales goals and team sales goals to enhance the sense of purpose for the sales team.
Manage sales targets, clarify the direction, improve team cohesion, and strengthen the monitoring of implementation progress of sales targets.
Connect sales target data with business opportunities and contracts to achieve automatic drilling and accounting of target data.
Evaluate sales targets through daily sales reports, customer contact data, order approval data, etc.
Quantify and refine sales data and sales process, and refine the overall assessment of the completion of sales targets.

Collaborative Support Helps Sales Staff to Work Perfectly with Superiors, Subordinates, and Colleagues

Daily sales report: Superiors know about the overall situation of each subordinate's daily interactions with customer contacts and provide real-time advice and guidance.
Customer contact reminder: Sales staff can establish a good time management mechanism without missing customers.
Sales knowledge base: Centralized management of all customer cases and solutions related to customers can be made.
Sales approval: Efficient submission and processing of various sales approval processes can be conducted anytime and anywhere.
Sharing of sales insights: You can share good sales practices with your colleagues and gain insights from sales practices of others as well.

Precise Positioning Collects Locations of Each Sales Staff Member on Business Trips

Manage sales staff who are on a business trip, and precisely track the location of each sales staff member.
Each business visit is associated with customer data. Pictures are uploaded and feedback is given on business visit records.
Sales managers in the enterprise can view tracks of all sales staff members on business trips and manage sales staff with ease.;

Internal and External Collaboration Improves Communication Efficiency

External business connection allows you to communicate with upstream and downstream partners more conveniently.
Internal collaboration helps you build team synergy and advance your business more efficiently.
The system is integrated with the WeChat ecosystem. This way, you can interact with your customers on WeCom.

CRMStatistics Provide a Complete and Intelligent Effectiveness Analysis

Analyze customer data, sales behavior, sales process, and personnel effectiveness in an all-around way.
Analyze and view analysis results based on different filter dimensions and presentation methods.
Optimize sales teams for sales managers and improve sales conversion.
Help sales staff to analyze, summarize, and optimize workflows so as to improve sales efficiency.

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