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Integrative Customer Relationship Management

Unified management of marketing activities, clues, customers, contacts, business opportunities, order contracts, products, competitors, sales reports and other sales links, closely follow each step of the customer, and manage the sales business process

Complete customer lifecycle management

From clues discovery to customer follow-up to contract execution tracking, this CRM records all aspects, checks and maintains customer information anytime, anywhere, and informs of changes in time to help you complete the management of the complete customer life cycle.

Follow up the process, make the contact plan, so that the customer opportunities do not miss.

Every customer and business opportunity can quickly establish a smart contact reminder plan on the mobile phone or PC.
You can set up different contact records and reminders for docking multiple contacts, and manage each docking party information
Establish contact reminder rules in batches according to sales funnel and customer types, and arrange contact plans in a standardized way
Whether it is a customer or business opportunity, the outbound visit contact or telephone contact can be broken down into category records
Through the scientific management of the customer's contact process, the sales execution ability is greatly improved

Marketing activities to open up the customer acquisition process and customer base

Activities promote team collaboration and communication online, mobile real-time communication feedback, higher execution
Relevant data obtained from activities is connected with customers to achieve complete data and information management.
Unified event entrance, centralized promotion and management of all activities, and enhanced customer acquisition process management
Custom event content: customize the configuration of event content based on the type and method of corporate marketing activities

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Clue management, optimize resource allocation from the source

Standardize, control, intelligently and efficiently manage every clue from the source
Mobile and PC can create and manage clues at any time, feedback the contact and processing of leads
Optimize internal resource allocation, establish internal clue allocation mechanism, maximize resource utilization
Complete systematic connection from the creation, distribution, follow-up, and customer transfer of clues.
Custom clue library management rules, custom business rules required by each enterprise

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Contact management, classified and refined management of customers and other resources

Customers, suppliers and other external resources batch import, create, and automatic rearrangement to avoid duplication.
Individual or batch interactions with customers on SMS and email marketing to strengthen customer relationship maintenance
Expiration date, customer birthday and other intelligent reminder, humanized marketing can not be less
Establish smart contact reminders, system message real-time reminders

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Customer management, establishing close relationships to gain a competitive advantage

The entire record of the customer contact process is automatically accumulated into a customer file to precipitate sales experience
Customize the release rules and management rights of the client's high seas, and fully share internal resources
Customize customer information and rules, flexibly configure a dedicated customer management system
Multi-dimensional statistics of customer data, accurate analysis, optimized sales process, and improved sales efficiency

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Opportunity management, focusing on key processes for more opportunities to win

Comprehensive information perspective, grasp the key information of each business opportunity
Single or batch SMS and email marketing for business opportunities, grasp the maintenance of key processes
Customize the process management of the sales process and establish process management for different sales models
The system automatically calculates the rebate data of business opportunities, and the sales performance is known early.
Customize opportunity field information, contact rules, etc., different business models create different opportunity systems
Segment business opportunity data to form a complete report, optimize sales links, and increase transaction conversions

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Contract management, efficient and standardized management of order contracts

Contract is associated with workflow, contract order workflow submission, approval at any time and mobile phone
Real-time statistical display of contract data to grasp the rhythm of contract payment
From contract, order workflow, refund, invoicing, business transaction process management
Real-time online communication and feedback of abnormal contract conditions, improving cross-department collaboration efficiency
Customize contract fields, usage specifications, reminders of payment due, etc.
Statistical statements automatically calculate statistical contract receipts and sales performance

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Product management, opening the product library to achieve sales goals

Linking products to business opportunities and contracts, clear each transaction.
Unified management of enterprises in the sale of products, product sales process intelligent
Customize product type and field information to meet different types of product management needs of enterprises

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Competitors, know yourself and know your opponent to improve the single win rate

Establish a competitor database, correlate related customer order information, and automatically form competitive product analysis
Competitors is associated with business opportunities, help analyze ordering strategies, and accurately obtain customer orders
Customize competitors' business data and field information, more flexible analysis and records of competing products

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Order management, closed-loop sales, efficient and standardized

Standardize order management system and regulate sales closed loop
Order abnormal online real-time feedback, improve business cooperation
Order management automatic payment data statistics, grasp the rhythm of payment
Order process custom setting review mechanism, organic combination of business standardization and circulation efficiency

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Diversified pricing system, standardizing customer quotes

Electronic quotation management, centralized management of differentiated quotations, and standardization of daily sales bills of lading
Price submission automatically generates internal workflow to avoid losses caused by random quotes
Order associated price, one-click price list, no need to repeat work
Diverse price customization management to meet the needs of different enterprises

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Fund management, strict control of use, and reasonable management of corporate funds

Electronic quotation management, centralized management of differentiated quotations, and standardization of daily sales bills of lading
Comprehensively manage all types of funds online, and understand the usage at a glance
online and transparent communication of fund problems to eliminate illegal operation;
Refined permissions settings to ensure the security of funds
Customized fund management to meet the different fund management needs of different enterprises

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Sales goals, quantification and refinement goals to help companies complete sales assessments

Management of the formulation, implementation, inspection and adjustment of sales goals
Individual sales goals and team sales goals are quantified and visualized to improve the sense of goal of the sales team
Sales target management, clear direction, strengthen team cohesion, strengthen monitoring of target implementation progress
Target data is connected with business opportunities and contract data to achieve automatic drilling calculation of target data.
Evaluate sales goals through daily sales reports, customer contact data, order approval data, etc.
Comprehensively quantify from sales data and sales process, refine the overall assessment of the completion of sales goals

Collaborative support to help sales and subordinates and colleagues collaborate perfectly

Sales Daily: The superior understands the overall situation of each subordinate's daily contact with customers, and gives advice in real time.
Customer Contact Reminder: Help each sales establish a good time management mechanism, not missing customers
Sales knowledge base: centralized management of all sales customer cases and customer plans
Sales workflow: efficient submission and processing of various sales business workflows anytime, anywhere
Sales experience sharing: Can share good experience internally, copy good learning experience

Sales field, pinpoint the outing situation of each sales

Sales mobile field management, the field accurately locates the trajectory of each sales
Each time you go out to visit, you will be associated with the customer's data, upload pictures, and feedback your visit records.
Sales managers can see the geographical trajectory of all sales in the company and easily control the sales out;

Collaboration and interconnection within and outside the enterprise to improve communication efficiency

External business interconnection, connecting upstream and downstream partners, more convenient business communication
Internal collaboration and interconnection, connecting all employees and business collaboration, making business promotion more efficient
WeChat ecological interconnection, connecting WeChat, connecting end customers, and supporting corporate WeChat use

CRMstatistics, complete and intelligent performance analysis

Analyze statistics on customer data, sales behavior, sales process, and personnel effectiveness
Analyze and view according to different filtering dimensions and display methods
Help sales managers optimize sales teams and increase sales conversions
Help sales staff analyze and summarize, optimize workflow and improve sales efficiency

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