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Create an Exclusive Office Platform for Your Enterprise

You can create a dedicated work application by using a single form, multiple forms, approval forms, projects, and documents based on your work and business requirements. This satisfies your personalized management needs. Common applications include applications for vehicle management, warehouse management, performance management, and cost control management.

Turn eteams Into Your Exclusive Office Platform

The cloud OA platform provides common applications that suit all enterprises. You can also create dedicated work applications by using a single form, multiple forms, approval forms, projects, and documents based on your work and business requirements. This satisfies the enterprise's personalized management needs.

Customize Your Applications with No Programming Skills Required

The system supports the visualized operation. You can create an application in just four steps, and customize complex scenarios based on basic arithmetic rules. No programming skills are required, and customization has never been easier.

Separate Core Workflows From Others to Make It Easier for Employees to View and Use Them

In addition to building personalized applications by using multiple forms, you can also separate frequently used and core workflows from other workflows in which a specific form or approval form is used. This allows employees to quickly find frequently used workflows, such as the reimbursement application, out-of-office requests and leave requests.

Display Applications in Groups to Personalize the Applications

You can put a user-defined application and any other applications on the workplace platform into a group and adjust the display layout as needed. Application grouping allows you better manage enterprise collaboration and shows the unique characteristics of an enterprise.

Easy Business Management in Complex Scenarios Using Rule-based Data Connectivity

In a scenario where multiple tables are associated, such as tables of purchase-sell-stock process, material warehousing, and vehicle scheduling, you can set addition, subtraction, division, and other rules in the rule library to fulfill your requirements. This feature helps enterprises refine their business management.

Flexible Enable and Disable Settings for Easy Optimization

You can enable or disable user-defined applications at any time and manage user permissions. For example, after an employee resigns or is transferred to another position, it is convenient for managers to modify permissions on these applications in time. Modifications take effect immediately.

User-defined Configuration and Permission Management

You can divide applications into groups and set the user scope of each application, so as to limit applications to target users only. You can also configure the layout of application menus to make it more user-friendly.

Clear Data Display Using User-defined Multi-dimensional Statistical Reports

Various customizable statistical reports are supported to display the data of user-defined applications in real time on multiple terminals, allowing users to enjoy the same experience of intelligent service as in other applications.

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