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Help sales management with good customer resources . Through the management of customer information , contact process , related matters , etc , establish close relationships of customers and win a strong competitive advantage .

Centralize management of all customers to effectively ensure conversion rates

Batch import of external resources such as customers and suppliers, unified and orderly management
Custom customer card content, multi-angle and comprehensive customer information management
Automatic weighting to avoid duplication and focus limited resources on potential customers
Transparent sales process, enabling customers to track the entire process

Strengthen customer relationship maintenance and establish close relationships with customers

Contact customers anytime, anywhere, feedback and follow-up to establish a contact plan
Manage and contact customers by sales funnel
Add customer external news, contact and maintain in time, and promote secondary cooperation

The sales follow-up customer process is tangible, and the successful experience is easily copied

Record each visit, communication and other exchange information, the follow-up process is tangible
Relevantly summarize relevant approval, contract and other information to record the complete business process
Share good sales experience with other sales, copy and reuse

Customize customer library, build enterprise-specific customer management system

Set customer information fields, build exclusive customer cards for different companies
Set the contact time limit, customers automatically return to the high seas of customers, optimized resource sharing
Freely set business data to meet the actual business needs of the enterprise
Detailed permissions settings to effectively protect the company's customer resources

Cooperative support, convenient and effective management of enterprise internal resources

Single or batch customer interaction with SMS and email marketing
Associate approval, quickly understand the reason and role of approval submission
Add customer external news, contact and maintain in time, and promote secondary cooperation
From the follow-up of the sales process, the approval of order contracts, etc.
Multi-dimensional statistics of customer data, accurate analysis of customer data

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