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Help salespeople manage customer resources and build close relationships with customers by managing customer information, contact process, and associated matters, to gain a strong competitive edge.

Guaranteed Conversion Rate with Centralized and Effective Management of All Customers

Batch import of external resources such as customers and suppliers enables unified and well-organized management.
User-defined customer profiles enable multi-perspective and all-around customer information management.
Duplicate data will be removed automatically so that you can allocate resources to potential customers accurately.
The sales procedure is transparent and you can track the behaviors of customers throughout the process.

Close Relationships with Customers Through Relationship Management

Contact your customers anytime and anywhere, and create contact plans based on the follow-ups.
Categorize, manage, and contact customers based on their position in the sales funnel.
Add customer updates and contact them in time to facilitate further cooperation.

Make the Customer Follow-up Process Traceable to Easily Replicate the Successful Experience

Record each visit and contact with customers, and make the follow-up process traceable.
Associate and summarize related approval and contract information, and record the complete business process.
Share your sales experiences with other salespeople to replicate the experience.

User-defined Customer Pool to Build an Exclusive Customer Management System

Configure fields on customer information and tailor information cards for enterprises.
Set a deadline for contact. If you do not contact a customer on or before the deadline, the information about the customer will be automatically released to the public pool and shared by all salespeople.
Set up your business data based on your business requirements.
Refined permission settings effectively ensure the security of your customer resources.

Collaborative Support for Effective Management of Internal Resources

Marketing interactions with individuals or groups of customers by SMS and email can be made.
Associate with approval information, which helps you quickly understand why approval requests are initiated and how the approval requests work.
Add customer updates and contact them in time to facilitate further cooperation.
Systematic connection is established for the whole process from the sales follow-up to contract approval.
Collect multi-dimensional statistics on customer data and perform accurate analysis.

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