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Knowledge Document

Set up a unified knowledge networks disk to the team , accumulate knowledge and experience in the process of work , and make full use of innovation , sharing and usingAnd form a team collaboration center based on documents such as copywriting, planning, plans, etc.

Personal Document Library

Automatically archive other applications such as attachment documents in task collaboration feedback to your document library, or you can separately create your own personal folder, and synchronize all file information with multiple terminals

Team Document Library

Establish a public file library for the team to quickly familiarize members with the previous knowledge documents, such as rules and regulations, business form templates, and post work precautions, and establish a unified network disk for the team.

Subordinate documents

Understand and review the knowledge sharing results and specific content of each subordinate member of the team in a timely manner, give timely comments or guidance on document collaboration, and judge whether it can be recommended as a standard template file within the team.

Document sharing

Quickly share documents to colleagues in need, and give full play to the effective value of each document; when you share a document, you may gain the knowledge and experience shared by 99 colleagues.

Exchange of experience

Document-based collaboration, which aggregates the experience and wisdom of all team members to serve you, helps you better complete the document copywriting.

Knowledge utilization

The validity of the knowledge file shared with you depends on whether you can use it in the actual work process. Before that, you must understand the content of the file shared by your colleagues. Team collaboration is not just in task projects, knowledge Can also help get the job done better

Document association

It is easy to understand the related in-depth information of the document, such as understanding whether this task is a bidding document or proposal for a certain customer, or which project is the need to advance or collaborate on the project sharing

Document tags

Flexible setting of individual or team-level tags, which can completely replace the freely defined attributes of the document, such as document classification, completion status, folders from other perspectives, etc., and add your own classification through personal tags.

Quick search

File classification may not be the most important. The key is to help you find the file you want on multiple terminals like Google and Baidu.

Follow document

Too many files ? Too many subordinates ? Can't find the document I wanted to see before ? By to follow to the collection of documents , let you master it freely , and set asides time to calmly read the knowledge documents that are useful for you , or guide the writing of content.

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