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In the process of knowledge accumulation and team building, the editors should make full use of their knowledge and experience. It can also form a team cooperation center based on documents such as copywriting, planning and scheme.And form a team collaboration center based on documents such as copywriting, planning, plans, etc.

Establish a unified knowledge base within the enterprise

set up a unified knowledge network disk of the team, accumulate the knowledge and experience in the process of precipitation work, innovate, share, edit online and make full use of it. It can also form a team cooperation center based on documents such as copywriting, planning and scheme.

Automatic accumulation and collection of knowledge in multidimensional channels

A personalized knowledge base is established for different departments, personnel and customers. All relevant documents: company system, department documents, plans sent to customers, quotations, contracts, technical development documents, project implementation documents, marketing documents, work reports, various external information, etc. are orderly placed in the unified knowledge base, and are managed according to different roles.

Multi person online editing, real-time content synchronization

No need to download, support multi person real-time online preview view, multi person multi terminal collaborative editing documents, team collaboration is not limited by time and space. The system can also save the cooperation records in real time and restore to any historical version at any time. If there are still problems with the document, one click comment feedback will make the cooperation more efficient.

Permission controllable, document security guaranteed

Documents under different folders can flexibly control the new, download and delete permissions of different employees. The system automatically records the operation log and check log of each document to ensure the security of all kinds of files.

Internal and external collaborative document sharing

Internally, one click sharing of enterprise documents or group chat can be initiated for colleagues to view, so as to facilitate them to understand the situation of documents more quickly; externally, it can break through the restrictions of email on the size of attachments, upload large files to documents, and quickly create public and non-public document sharing links, and distribute files to designated personnel through QQ, wechat, e-mail, SMS, etc There is no need to wait. It is more convenient for external customers and suppliers to view.

Custom build enterprise document template

According to the requirements of different enterprises for the template and style of documents, different formats are customized, such as word, Excel, PPT, AAC, etc. It can also customize the document fields, such as user-defined requirement fields, and build documents specially suitable for internal requirements collection and collaboration of enterprises.

Online efficient document retrieval

The knowledge documents of daily cooperation and management and storage of enterprises are the content treasure house of enterprises. When the new and old employees in the enterprise need to query the relevant content, they can find the relevant document content through the global search of knowledge documents, so as to fully share and reuse the internal knowledge content.

Multi terminal, anytime, anywhere, easy to view and create

No need to download, open mobile app, enterprise wechat, computer web page, multi terminal synchronous editing, content real-time saving, mobile / computer terminal can access and edit. Employees can use it on different occasions. For example, employees can check the document content online when they are on business trip, or they can get key documents by visiting customers. They don't have to worry about missing the data or slow synchronization.

Collaborative association with other modules, data exchange

According to the characteristics of event collaboration of Pan micro eteams, the knowledge module is strongly associated with other modules. When we find a document in the system, all the information related to the document is extracted: tasks, projects, approval, customers, schedules and so on related to this document, so that all information related to this document is presented in a structured and organized way.

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