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Knowledge Documents

Set up a unified knowledge base in the cloud for the team to create, accumulate, share, edit, and use work knowledge and experience among all members.You can also set up a team collaboration center based on copywriting, planning, and solution documents.

Build an Internal Unified Knowledge Base

Build customized knowledge bases for various departments, employees, and customers. All related documents are stored in a unified knowledge base in an orderly manner and managed based on role-based permissions. The following types of documents are included: corporate regulations and rules, departmental documents, proposals sent to customers, quotations, contracts, technical development documents, project implementation documents, marketing documents, work reports, and documents containing various external information.

Automatically Accumulate and Collect Knowledge from Multiple Channels

Automatically accumulate knowledge and experience at work, such as an attached file uploaded by an employee during communication over a task, proof documents attached to a contract workflow, a detailed description of a corporate client, a design draft to be confirmed, and a data sheet transmitted in a WeCom chat. All the preceding documents and data are automatically archived to a document folder.

Support Real-time Collaborative Editing and Instantaneous Content Synchronization

Allow real-time preview and collaborative editing online by multiple users on different devices with no need for download. Team collaboration is no longer bound by location or time. The system also maintains real-time collaboration records that may be restored to any historical version at any time. Users can add comments or feedback in a document with just a few clicks to raise questions, which makes collaboration more efficient.

Ensure Document Security with Controllable Permissions

Flexibly control the permissions of different employees to create, download, and delete documents in different folders. The system automatically records operation and access logs for each document, ensuring the security of all types of corporate files.

Instant Transferring of Large Files Through Internal and External Collaborative Document Sharing 

Internally, share corporate documents with your colleagues with a few clicks or by initiating a group chat, so that they keep track of the documents more quickly. Externally, upload large files to the documents module and create public and private document sharing URLs without any email size limit. Instantly distribute files to designated personnel with a few clicks via QQ, WeChat, email, SMS, and other channels, making it easier for external customers and suppliers to view.

Customize Document Templates for Your Enterprise

Customize document templates in a variety of file formats, such as Word, Excel, PPT, and AAC, depending on your requirements for document templates and styles. You can also customize fields for documents. For example, customize requirement fields used to collect internal collaboration requirements.

Search for Documents Efficiently Online

The knowledge documents which an enterprise regularly collaborates on, manages, and stores are a gold mine of content. Employees can use the global search feature to find the content they want and to fully share and reuse the internal knowledge.

View and Create Documents More Easily on Various Devices, Anytime and Anywhere

Access and simultaneously edit documents via mobile APP, WeCom, and computer webpage without downloading the documents, with all editing changes saved in real time. Employees can access documents online while they are on the go, such as on business trips. For example, salespeople can access key documents when visiting clients. There is no need to worry about forgetting documents or slow synchronization.

Associate with Other Modules to Enable Data Interoperability

Weaver eteams associates the knowledge module with other modules. When you find a document in the system, the system extracts all the information associated with it. The information includes relevant tasks, projects, approval, customers, and agenda, making all the information associated with this document accessible in a structured and well-organized way.

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