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Digital Process Automation

Help the organization solves various printing needs , and improve the efficiency and legal compliance of the organization.

Introduction to Digital Process Automation
Introduction to Digital Process Automation

The whole process of electronic means that the organization uses electronic means to remove the tedious management processes such as contract printing , physical signing , express delivery of and from the contract , and paper contract archive during the signing process , so that each organization's official seal is safe and controllable Electronic contracting anywhere , allowing the entire process of the organization's operation to be electronically managed.

Digital Process Automation consists of four parts


Electronic signature

Contract signing

Data storage\

Three advantages of Digital Process Automation
Three Advantages of Digital Process Automation

Secure encryption

Bank-level security encryption protection measures can be used to ensure that any electronic contract signed documents are prohibited from being tampered with; bank transaction-level anti-attack methods are used to ensure that the contract prevents any unauthorized reading during the transmission and storage

Efficient and convenient

The contract can be sent directly to the customer with an electronic seal and electronic signature with legal effect, eliminating the need for complicated processes such as printing, express delivery and filing. PC, mobile multiple terminals to sign quickly and send instantly, breaking space constraints and enhancing timeliness

Legal compliance

The entire contract Workflow includes business, financial, and compliance approval to ensure compliance audit requirements; it is a reliable and compliant electronic signature technology based on a combination of digital certificates, time stamps, and data storage technologies set by laws and regulations.

Seven Values ​​of Digital Process Automation
Seven Values of Digital Process Automation

Achieve business electronic contract

Reduce contract management costs

Reduce business operating time costs

Prevent risks of using seals in business processes

Digital management of a large number of contract documents

Saving electronic data as electronic evidence with legal effect

Interfacing with existing management systems in the organization

Video of Digital Process Automation
Video of Digital Process Automation
Digital Process Automation for the future
Digital Process Automation provides enterprises with integrated products and services, systematically helping organizations to meet the needs of various kinds of seal, and improving the efficiency and legal compliance of the organization Safe, efficient, fast and convenient, Digital Process Automation is not only a seal management and electronic signing platform, but also a new way of signing management for the future. Use digital signature technology with us to promote your business and unleash your enterprise's competitiveness
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