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Intelligent Cloud Reimbursement

By using the cloud reimbursement feature of eteams, including convenient electronic reimbursement and expense management services, you can quickly initiate reimbursement and application, view reimbursement, travel, loan, and repayment information, maintain the reimbursement accounts, and set expense standards. This feature supports multi-dimensional statistics and analysis of reimbursement data to make employee reimbursement more convenient and company expenses more controllable.

Multi-sided Import of Invoices to Simplify the Sorting Work

When importing information of invoices, employees can flexibly choose OCR file recognition, manual import, verification import, and binding emails to import invoice data in multiple ways. It is simple and convenient, and can also avoid input errors and repeated reimbursement.

Automatic Invoice Checking Frees the Financial Workforce

The invoice checking process is prioritized. Enterprises can choose to filter valid or valid and checked invoices to initiate the reimbursement. This helps remove non-compliant invoices and reduce the financial burden.

Paperless Reimbursement in Multiple Terminals Anytime and Anywhere

By using mobile and web applications, employees can submit reimbursement applications online anytime and anywhere. The mobile terminal can also be associated with electronic invoices, which saves time and effort. In addition, the traditional process of finding reviewers to sign and approve a printed reimbursement form is replaced. The system can automatically remind reviewers to view and approve applications according to the defined workflow. This helps improve the efficiency of reimbursement so that employees can better focus on key business goals.

Automatic Flow of Reimbursement Workflows to Remove Difficulties of Finding Reviewers

In addition to creating free approval workflows, you can also set fixed approval workflows to be flexible for different types of reimbursement forms according to the applicant's position, department, reimbursement amount, and expense type. After the employee submits the reimbursement form, the workflow will automatically set the corresponding reviewers based on the submitted form. This eliminates the difficulty of finding reviewers. The system automatically runs online.

Real-time Data Synchronization Makes the Reimbursement Progress Transparent

Additional communication about the progress of the reimbursement process is not required. Members of the reimbursement workflow fully understand the real-time progress of the reimbursement process, including information about the current processors, the processing time, and the follow-up processors. During emergencies, you can enable the one-click reminder. The system automatically triggers a message to provide you with the progress of the reimbursement.

Information Association to Provide Clear Expense Details

An applicant can associate the reimbursement form with relevant information, such as the customer and project information, so that reviewers can learn about the specific expense usage and quickly compare the expense with the budget, saving a great deal of the time for interdepartmental communication and improving the reimbursement efficiency.

Integrated Budget-Expense Management with Automatic Balance Reminder

Based on the actual management needs, you can establish different account budget reminders by year, quarter, month, and a specific management period, and import information into the system in a timely manner to control the costs from the source. During the submission of reimbursement applications, the remaining budget will be automatically displayed. After the reimbursement is approved, the balance is automatically updated. This helps you strictly control the costs.

Flexible Budget Management Solutions for Effective Cost Control

You can flexibly set up budget management solutions for different applicants based on rules. For example, you can set a fixed monthly amount for some reimbursement items, and set reminders for insufficient budget balance. This helps enterprises effectively limit reimbursement within a reasonable range, avoid unplanned expenses, and control costs.

User-defined Printing Templates of Reimbursement Form for Easy Archiving

In order to help enterprises provide a backup of paper-based approvals and generate reimbursement vouchers, you can set up different printing templates after submitting approvals online, and record the amount, details, and approval remarks of the submitted reimbursement for approval. After the approval is processed, you can print it with a few clicks.

Intelligent Multi-dimensional Analysis of Reimbursement Data

Data, such as expense trends, invoice amounts, and invoice quantities, can be displayed in a visualized way by this month, last month, and this year. This helps financial and management personnel have real-time insight into the reimbursement, borrowing, and repayment process of the organization.

Full Integration of Different Business Systems

With the APIs, you can connect the expense reimbursement application to third-party systems to integrate data and workflows. For example, you can integrate the expense reimbursement application with Kingdee Cloud. After the employees apply for reimbursement in eteams, accounting credentials are automatically generated in Kingdee Cloud based on the information of the reimbursement.

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