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Smart Cloud Reimbursement

Smart cloud reimbursement provides convenient whole-process electronic reimbursement and expenses management services. Users can quickly launch and apply for reimbursement; check the reimbursement, business travel, loans, payment information; maintain expense account, setup cost standards. Eteams also support multidimensional data statistics and analysis of reimbursement, which makes employee reimbursement more convenient and the company's cost more manageable.

Multi - way entry bill, simplify the sorting work

When entrying invoices, employees can flexibly choose OCR document identification, manual inputting, inspection and inputting, binding mail and other invoice data inputting methods, which are simple and convenient, and can also avoid inputting errors, repeated reimbursement and other problems.

Automatic invoice checking, freeing up financial manpower

According to the pre-inspection, enterprises can choose to set up valid or valid checked invoices to initiate reimbursement, effectively filter non-compliant bills and reduce financial burden.

Multi-port reimbursement anytime, anywhere, and paperless

Mobile terminal + web terminal, employees can submit online reimbursement anytime and anywhere, and the mobile terminal can also be associated with electronic invoices, so as to save time and effort for reimbursement. In addition, there is no need to print the expense report and look for people to sign for approval, the system can automatically remind personnel to approve according to the set process. Comprehensively improve the efficiency of staff reimbursement, better focus on key business.

Reimbursement workflow is automatically processed, no need to worry about the problem of searching people

In addition to supporting free examination and approval processes, fixed examination and approval processes can be flexibly set for different types of reimbursement forms according to the applicant's position, department, amount of reimbursement, type of expense and other conditions. After submitting the expense report, according to the submitted situation, the process will automatically determine and generate the corresponding approval personnel, without the need for the staff to find additional approval offline, the system automatic line flow step by step.

Real-time data synchronization, transparent reimbursement progress

There is no need to communicate back and forth to inquire about the progress of reimbursement processing. Members of reimbursement items can transparently understand the real-time progress of reimbursement processing, including the information of the current handler, the processing time and the subsequent handler. In case of emergency, you can directly push it with one button, and the system will automatically trigger message reminder, giving you intimate experience of reimbursement.

Support item association, more clear description of cost details

In the reimbursement, you can associate with customers, projects and other information, which is convenient for processing personnel better understand the specific situation of the use of expenses It is convenient for processing personnel to complete the comparison with relevant subject budget in time, which helps save each other's repeated communication and inquiry time, improve the efficiency of reimbursement.

Integration of budget and expense execution, automatic reminder of surplus

According to the actual management needs, you can set different subject budget management reminders according to the annual, quarterly, monthly management period, and timely input in the system, control costs from the source. In the subsequent reimbursement, the remaining budget will be automatically reminded, and the remaining budget will be automatically updated after the examination and approval, strictly controlled.

Multi-control scheme integration, effective cost control

Reimbursement of different personnel, can be set different control scheme with the aid of rule base, for example, some fixed subjects fixed reimbursement amount per month, exceeded budget will not be reimbursed,, the rest of the budget shortfalls will be alerted, etc., to help enterprises to effectively control personnel be reimbursed in a reasonable scope, eliminate unplanned expenditures, effectively control the cost.

Custom reimbursement sheet printing template, easy to file

In order to help enterprises make a better backup of paper approval and generate reimbursement vouchers, different printing templates can be flexibly set after submitting online approval to record the amount, details, approval opinions and other information submitted for corresponding approval. After the approval process is completed, click to print

Multi-dimensional intelligent analysis of reimbursement data

Through this month/last month/current year three dimensions, visualization statistics display cost trend, invoice amount, invoice quantity and other data. Financial and management personnel have real-time insight into reimbursement, loan, repayment situation

Comprehensive integration of different business systems

With API, you can integrate your expense reimbursement application with third-party systems for data, processes, and more. For example, when integrating with Kingdee Jingdou Cloud system, financial vouchers can be automatically generated in Jingdou Cloud system based on the reimbursement information after the processing of the application for reimbursement in eteams approval is completed.

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