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It can electronicize the entire process of daily administration, business workflow, and financial reimbursement of the enterprise. It can also customize applications such as performance assessment and fixed assets according to the individual business needs of the enterprise to meet the various workflow requirements of the enterprise.
Mobile, computer, and web page can submit applications at any time. Fragmented time is efficiently processed, and the operation is simple, helping companies improve work efficiency.

Electronic management of the whole process of the enterprise, standardizing the operation of the enterprise

Turn invisible systems into effective management processes that can be executed electronically and monitored. Under the requirements of the soft system (that is, the general text-based system), through the graphical and tabular operation mode of the workflow, to provide all employees with a clearer operating process, thereby reducing the system's instability caused by human understanding. Smooth operation, and then improve the implementation of the system

Simplify internal administrative and reimbursement procedures

The internal staff of the company is gradually expanding, and internal matters are becoming more and more complicated. With the help of Weaver eteams workflow, the corresponding fixed workflow links are set according to the rules and regulations and functional classifications. The system automatically finds the corresponding personnel to handle according to the rules, avoiding the problem of difficult to find people, and making internal administration, reimbursement, and vacations easier.

Clear powers and responsibilities to improve collaboration between employees or departments.

Clarify the workflow of each node in the workflow such as reimbursement workflow, contractapproval, and budget application to specific personnel, and clarify each person's rights and responsibilities. When employees in different departments have questions about workflow, they can directly comment or create an event group to facilitate collaboration with each other and avoid crap issues.

Multi-port synchronization message reminder, which can be approved anytime, anywhere

Mobile ports such as mobile APP, enterprise WeChat, and WeChat public account can receive the news of the workflow in real time. The workflow reminds one by one. The fragmented time can refer to the details and process pending approvals, reducing workflow stagnation and improving processing efficiency. After going out, you can also quickly submit related workflows on the mobile terminal to better meet the needs of use

No need for repeated communication and inquiries, the process is transparent throughout

Relevant approvers (including submitters or processors) can understand the progress of the workflow process in real time through the system, including each node processor, processing time, dwell time, etc. You do not need to repeatedly communicate and inquire about the situation. In case of emergency, it also supports one-click reminder, which greatly saves communication costs

Free drag and drop, custom design personalized workflow style

Say goodbye to paper forms, Weaver eteams provides you with a large selection of templates, covering hundreds of business scenarios, various industries, various functions, and various forms of enterprise size. Zero-based can also get started quickly. When the template cannot meet the requirements, freely drag and drop to build forms such as leave application and expense reimbursement. For different forms, you can also customize different online workflows to better meet the personalized business needs of enterprises

Different scenarios support flexible change of workflow processing methods

When processing the workflow, members within the matter can communicate and feedback online in real time. If you need to solicit opinions from others, you can solve it by countersign or signing. In case of special circumstances, when personnel are out of office or on vacation and cannot handle the workflow in time, the workflow intervention or entrusted processing can be flexibly set according to the actual situation to ensure the normal operation of the business

Workflow is associated with coordination,complete information processing fast

Many workflows are generated from various related matters, which are integrated and presented through related workflows. Such as associating customers in order approval and related items in expense reimbursement, etc., to quickly understand relevant information, save communication costs between personnel, and process efficiency is more efficient

Intelligent analysis of business workflow operation efficiency

In the workflow application, it not only provides open usage of various workflows, but also understands the number of workflows submitted by the person or subordinate you follow each day. It is more important to be able to accurately calculate the extension and processing of each workflow form from multiple perspectives Time-Length Detailed Data for Quick Insight into Business Process Efficiency

Multi-port synchronization message reminder, which can be approved anytime, anywhere

In order to help companies better back up their workflows in paper and generate reimbursement vouchers, after submitting approvals online, they can flexibly set up different printing templates to record information such as the specific circumstances of workflow submissions, workflow processing opinions, and other information; One-click printing

More than just workflows, you can customize personalized apps

Enterprises can set up some core workflows or multiple workflow forms in a few simple steps according to business needs, and build a completely independent work application, such as building a reimbursement application, leave application, performance evaluation application, outbound storage management application, etc. Not only can it meet more personalized business needs of enterprises, but it is also more convenient to find and use

Break through CNC barriers between different business systems

With the help of the API interface, you can integrate eteams with third-party systems for all-round integration of data and workflows. For example, integration with Kingdee's Jingdou cloud system enables employees to apply for reimbursement during eteams workfliw and automatically generate financial vouchers in Jingdou cloud system based on the reimbursement information.

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