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Approval Workflow

The system supports fully digital approval of daily administration activities, business, reimbursement and other workflows. Enterprises can build custom applications to take care of their own business approval needs in, for example, performance assessment and fixed assets management.
Applications can be submitted at any time on the mobile, desktop, or web client, and can be processed easily and efficiently in fragmented time, helping enterprises improve productivity.

Standardized Digital Management of All Business Workflows

The system turns intangible regulations into business workflows that can be executed and monitored on a digital platform. Workflows are extracted from text-based regulations, and represented by graphics and tables, which are concise and clear for all employees. This minimizes hurdles in business operations due to comprehension differences, making the regulation implementation more effective.

Streamlined Administrative and Reimbursement Workflows

As more employees join an enterprise, administration becomes more complicated. With the help of eteams, you can set fixed approval workflows based on regulations and job duties. The system automatically selects the corresponding reviewers according to the rules, making it easier to carry forward internal administrative activities, such as the reimbursement and leave application.

Higher Internal Collaboration Efficiency with Defined Permissions and Duties

Weaver eteams allows you to clarify the permissions and duties of each person involved in the approval of, for example, reimbursement, contract, and budget application. Employees from different departments can add comments directly or create a group to discuss their questions. This facilitates interdepartmental collaboration and avoids disputes.

Synchronized Message Reminders for Approval on Multiple Platforms

Approval reminders are synchronized across multiple platforms, such as the mobile APP, WeCom, and WeChat official account in real time, allowing you to check and work on pending tasks in fragmented time and helping facilitate the approval workflow. This way, you can quickly submit a workflow on a mobile client to better meet customer needs even when you are out of the office.

Transparent and Hassle-free Approval Progress

The approval progress is visible to anyone involved in the workflow, including the applicant and reviewers. You can simply log into the system and get the information about the workflow in real time, such as the reviewer at each node, processing time, and retention time. This prevents troublesome back-and-forth communication. The system also supports the applicant to urge quick approval with a few clicks in case of emergency, which greatly saves communication costs.

User-defined Layout of Approval Forms

Weaver eteams provides a variety of well-designed templates of digital approval forms that are suitable for hundreds of business scenarios of various industries. Whatever duties you have in your enterprise, large or small, you can quickly get started even as a beginner and say goodbye to hard copy forms. If the provided templates cannot meet your requirements, you can simply perform drag-and-drop operations to create your own forms for a business like leave application and expense reimbursement. For each type of form, you can define a specific workflow online to meet special business needs of your enterprise.

Flexible Modifications of Approval Workflows

Any questions about an approval workflow can be discussed online in real time. Comments or suggestions by others can be confirmed by joint signature or serial signature. In case of unexpected circumstances, such as when the reviewer is out of the office or on vacation, and cannot finish the approving matter in time, approval intervention or delegated approval can be performed as needed to ensure smooth business operation.

Complete Information Association for Quick Approval Processing

A workflow often involves information from many sources. The system allows you to associate a workflow with all related information. For example, you can associate customer information with an order approval workflow and expense items with a reimbursement approval workflow. This allows reviewers to get necessary information quickly and carry forward the workflow more efficiently.

Intelligent Analysis of Workflow Efficiency

The approval application offers transparent data on the use of all approval processes so that you are aware of the volume of requests for approval made by the persons you follow or your subordinates. More importantly, the approval application also collects detailed multi-perspective and accurate statistics about every approval form, such as its delay and processing duration, providing insightful data about your business efficiency.

Synchronized Message Reminders for Approval on Multiple Platforms

In order to help enterprises provide a backup of paper-based approval forms and generate reimbursement vouchers, you can set up different printing templates after submitting approval forms online, and record the amount, details, and approval remarks of the submitted reimbursement for approval. The approval forms can be printed with a few clicks after processing.

Specialized Applications

You can easily use key workflows or approval forms to build a work application based on your business requirements. For example, the work application can be specialized for reimbursement, leave application, performance appraisal, or warehousing management. This allows enterprises to meet more specific business needs and makes it easier to find information.

Connection Among Different Business Systems

With the APIs, you can connect the eteams to third-party systems for the integration of data and workflows. For example, you can integrate the expense reimbursement application with Kingdee Cloud. After the employees apply for reimbursement in eteams, accounting credentials are automatically generated in Kingdee Cloud based on the information of the reimbursement.

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