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Business Forms

Redefine collaboration with data, and get recording in ledgers, data reporting, and external research and collection done at the same time.Say goodbye to traditional manual data collection. You can submit data in real time, and automatically generate data and reports.

Abundant Form Templates

The cloud-based form library has tens of thousands of form templates for your choices, such as application forms, registration forms, feedback forms, invitation letters, and online order forms. With only a few clicks, you can activate a form and make modifications for use.

Multi-client Filling

PCTo ensure quick data reporting and collection, a form can be filled out and synchronized across many devices, including mobile phones and PC.

Most Flexible Way to Distribute Forms

You can use the form module to promptly report, collect, and distribute data both internally and externally. Does this convenient tool suit your needs?

Powerful Statistical Capability

The intuitive data statistics feature allows you to identify patterns, trends, and relationships in the data to let the data speak for itself, and get an insight into the operation conditions of the team.

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