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Human Resources

With the system, HR staff can efficiently complete their work, including personnel file management, recruitment, HR workflow management, performance appraisal, attendance statistic calculation, payroll issuance, and employee training. The system also helps HR staff collaborate and communicate more smoothly with other employees.

Get HR Work Done Faster

Complete archives management, recruitment, performance appraisal, and personnel approval with ease.
View and handle HR-related affairs in one system across multiple clients.
Allow HR staff to collaborate and communicate with other colleagues online in real time.
Manage external staff information and contact external candidates all in one system.
HR staff can handle internal and external affairs without the need to log into multiple systems.

Scientific and Effective Management of Employee Files

Employee files are managed online for quick viewing and extraction.
Files Are Displayed by Category, Making it Easier for You to Find the Required Files
File information and contact information are connected and managed in a centralized manner.

Smart and Efficient Recruitment

You can complete the entire recruitment process from resume screening to new employee onboarding in one project.
The interview schedule is associated with the recruitment task for each position, and the system will automatically give reminders to interviewers.
You can create a candidate resume database and associate it with recruitment tasks, so that you can preview the resumes at any time.
You can create a recruitment plan for each recruitment phase or for each department, and adjust the sequence of the plans by dragging them to the required steps.
You can see all the job openings in one recruitment project.

One-stop HR Workflows

All HR workflows including leave requests and conversion to permanent employment are supported.
Create a knowledge base for new employee onboarding, using the files module.
You can also flexibly configure your own workflows to implement specific features such as internal messaging.
You can customize the enterprise's annual leave data to make the leave request workflow simpler.
The probation-to-permanent workflows of employees are associated with their objectives in the probation period and resumes.
When there is a dispute over a workflow, relevant personnel can communicate online to solve the dispute in a timely manner, thus reducing the workload of HR staff.

Automated Appraisal Workflows for Higher Efficiency

Automated performance appraisal brings great convenience to HR staff.
Create a knowledge base for new employee onboarding, using the files module.
HR staff can also set customized appraisal templates for their enterprises or different positions in the enterprises.
Templates for various positions are provided.

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Collaboration Support for Higher Efficiency of the HR Department

Create different personnel databases using the files module.
Create a knowledge base for new employee onboarding, using the files module.
Record the entire process of employee interviews and onboarding in the system based on the requirements of projects and tasks.
Implement smart processing of HR workflows such as leave requests and conversion to permanent employment using the approval module.
Summarize attendance data, annual leave data, and complaint data using the attendance module.
Set smart reminders of interviews and other events using the schedule module.

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