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Project Managements

Work is always full of a variety of projects: project implementation, after-sales follow-up, IT R & D , and so on. With the help of the Weaver eteams application, you can help your team to manage and control the project. You can quickly assign employee tasks and keep track of progress through Gantt charts to improve your management capabilities.

Support multi - person, cross - departmental collaboration, clear responsibilities

Whether it is a cross-department or a colleague in this department, when multiple people need to work together to achieve a common work goal, you can assign specific work arrangements for each person through the project. If you have any questions about the project, you can also quickly feedback and collaborate within the matter. The progress of each other's tasks is also transparently displayed, helping enterprise members to break the organizational structure of the department and communicate and collaborate efficiently and without boundaries

Multiple view display, easily control the progress of the project

use「Gantt chart」Show project progress of the most intuitive way , easily set task context , sub-task relationship , etc . The time points of different project phases , tasks , milestones are clear at a glance . There are other views such as kanbans , clarifying personnel responsibilities , etc . Without the need for time-consuming supervision to promote exhibitions and frequent meetings , managers can easily control the project situation.

Match as needed to meet different post management needs of different enterprises

For internal sales, HR, R & D managers, etc., they can customize different project templates, task fields and other information to help them achieve daily work management, such as HR recruitment management, R & D plan promotion, etc. Different post and different application scenarios, the complex processes in daily work, flexible settings, and rapid advancement online

Mobile terminal follows up synchronously

If any project member comments on the project and responds to the feedback, others will be alerted as soon as possible. Even if I manage several projects at the same time and often go out of the company, the manager of the mobile APP can also check the project status and corresponding message alerts in real time, and give timely feedback and guidance. All the dynamics and progress of the project are in your hands

Project permissions are subdivided to ensure data security of important projects

Each project can set the permissions of the people , fields , and data in the project , and refine the management of project permissions from different dimensions to ensure the security of important information on the enterprise management process

Project data is completely saved to avoid loss

All the information about the project, whether it is documents, contract documents or member discussions, is recorded in a structured way and related to the corresponding project. The system can automatically make statistics and make it more convenient to view, and there is no need to worry about being lost in chat tools or emails

Establish a standardized project process and accumulate project experience

Solidify effective project working mode through project template, accumulate best business practice experience, and realize process standardization. Follow-up to promote the same work project, can directly apply; There is no need to worry about the turnover of project personnel, so as to ensure the efficient and high-quality promotion of the project

Collaborate with other module information for more complete information display

In the process of promoting the project, it will naturally accumulate the knowledge documents related to the project, as well as the specific Workflow, or for the advancement of some customers, the system will automatically aggregate other modules to apply the content related to this project, which is convenient for quick Global browsing

Multidimensional data statistics, so that the project management has a basis to follow

The project manager can reasonably evaluate the actual cost and benefit of the project through the indicators such as task hours, completion time and delay in the project statistics, and also support the custom report and the export of various report data, so as to make the project management more traceable and more convenient

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