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Message Engine

Covering all platforms and various clients, the message engine associates specific tasks and enables efficient and smooth communication and collaboration within the enterprise through a unified office platform.

Fast Message Delivery Across the Cloud Office Platform

Messages are rapidly delivered across the platform through various ports.
Messages are categorized by related item, and displayed in an orderly manner. You can view and handle messages according to their priority levels.
Communicate across departments in real time. This improves cross-department communication efficiency.
Intelligent reminders ensure that you do not forget important plans and events.
You can know if your message is read by the recipients and pin important messages on top. This ensures a smooth communication environment.

All-client and Real-time Message Notifications

Messages are synchronized across all clients, which ensures that you will not miss important messages even if you are out of the office.
Seamless synchronization of messages frees you from worries that changing tools will affect your work.
Messages can flow freely between the WeChat service account and WeCom.
Messages are also delivered to third-party apps so that message synchronization is realized among multiple systems.

Message Pushing and Handling by Category

@Messages are classified into a dozen of categories, such as "My Messages" and "Latest Feedback", which allows you to get all information at a glance.
Messages are automatically sorted and displayed in an orderly manner to facilitate collaboration.
You can rapidly track the progress of your subordinates' important tasks by viewing categorized messages.
This helps employees get clear about job priorities and know which messages need to be viewed and processed first.

Discuss Specific Matters to Improve Communication Efficiency

You can discuss a specific matter with your colleagues online, and the system will record all discussions.
Related data from multiple applications are also associated. This allows you to know all the details of the discussion on this matter.
The system automatically records the entire discussion process. This way, successful experience can be replicated easily.
You can initiate a one-on-one or group conversation, and associate the conversation with a specific matter.
Synchronization of work contacts facilitates internal communication.

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