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Message Engine

A messaging engine that covers the entire platform and multiple terminals, links to specific work issues, and a unified work platform makes collaboration and communication within the enterprise more efficient and smooth.

Covers the entire cloud office platform with fast message delivery

The entire working platform's messages are fully covered and quickly passed through each port
The messages of different matters are automatically classified, the messages are displayed in an orderly manner, and the messages are processed by priority.
The real-time interactive circulation of news breaks the communication delay problem of inter-departmental communication
Message intelligent reminder, don't forget important events plan and dynamics
Message reading status, top important messages, etc., provide a smooth communication environment

All terminal synchronization real-time reminders without missing any information

All terminal information synchronization, not to miss important information because of going out
Messages are pushed synchronously and seamlessly, no need to worry about affecting work because of changing tools
Support WeChat service accout, enterprise WeChat and other docking, timely push messages
Third-party application docking and message synchronization between multiple systems

Message classification push, information classification processing

@my news, latest news feedback, and more than a dozen categories of news, dynamic grasp at a glance
Quickly understand the important work progress of subordinates from various categories
Quickly understand the progress of important work of subordinates from various classifications
Automatically help employees clarify job priorities, which messages are checked first and processed first.

Discuss based on specific issues and improve communication efficiency

Direct online communication and discussion under specific events, and the system automatically records the entire process
Communicate matters are associated with multiple application information, easily understand all details of the communication content
Can start chat in real time based on one or more people, and can directly link to specific matters.
Can initiate chats based on one or more people in real time, and can directly link specific matters
Synchronize team address book to facilitate internal communication

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