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Performance Appraisal

Help HR staff to carry out performance appraisal with appraisal templates and standards. Establish automated appraisal workflows to improve efficiency.

Automated Appraisal Workflows for Higher Efficiency

The HR department sets the time when appraisal workflows will start and take effect, and the responsible person in each department will then receive and process the workflow.
The HR department can customize the rating and approval workflows, and the workflows will run automatically for review and approval.

Different Appraisal Workflows for Different Enterprises

User-defined permissions at each appraisal stage are supported. You can decide whether to grant the appraiser permissions to view the ratings given by other appraisers.
You may create user-defined performance metrics for different positions.

User-defined Appraisal Templates for Different Positions

Internet and software enterprises can create user-defined appraisal templates for R&D and testing positions.
Sales-driven enterprises can create user-defined appraisal templates for sales and customer service staff.
Easy-to-use customization makes performance appraisal easier.

Collaboration Support for Higher Efficiency of the HR Department

Create different personnel databases using the files module.
Create a knowledge base for new employee onboarding, using the files module.
Record the entire process of employee interviews and onboarding in the system using the project and task module.
Implement smart processing of HR workflows such as leave requests and conversion to permanent employment using the approval module.
Summarize attendance data, annual leave data, and complaint data using the attendance module.
Set smart reminders of interviews and other events using the schedule module.

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