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Performance Appraisal

Convenient for personnel to advance employee performance evaluation, establish evaluation templates and specifications; customize and configure automated evaluation processes to improve performance evaluation

Performance appraisal automation to improve performance evaluation efficiency

Personnel custom scoring workflow and review workflow, the workflow automatically transfers review.
Personnel custom scoring process and review process, automatic flow review

Different enterprises can configure different performance evaluation workflows as needed

Customize the permissions of the assessment nodes, and set whether the rater has the right to view the ratings of others.
Customized assessment indicators can be freely configured for different positions in various industries

Evaluation template customization, support for various post templates

Internet and software related industries, can customize R & D templates, test templates, etc.
Sales-oriented enterprises can customize sales templates, customer service templates, etc.
Simple customization makes the assessment of things more worry-free

Collaborative support, more efficient personnel collaboration office

Combining documents, personnel can establish different personnel databases
Combining documents, personnel can establish a new employee onboarding configuration knowledge base
Combine the project and task to record the entire process and information of employee interviews and on-boarding in the system.
Combined with the approval, leave, become normal personnel workflow to intelligent circulation.
Combined with attendance, employees' attendance, annual leave management, abnormal appeals and other data are collectively summarized
Intelligent reminder for schedules such as schedules, personnel interview arrangements, etc.

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