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Official Document Management

Realize the integration of official document approval and seal using, improve the efficiency of internal and external circulation of official documents, and issue documents easily.

Support 15 kinds of national standards

The system provides 16 "types of official documents" and supports new creation.
There are 15 types of official documents + public notice: resolution, decision, decree (order), communique, bulletin, announcement, opinion, notice, notification, report, request, reply, bill, letter, minutes, public notice.

Convenient document issuance

The approved and issued official documents are automatically selected with printing in red templates, and the red heading documents are generated by one-click application, which is easy to use and standardized in style.
The issuance of documents printed in red can directly call the signature/seal system, and the documents can be automatically sealed and managed in a unified way by selecting them according to permissions.

Flexible customization of approval workflows

Support electronic flow of different types of official documents to meet flexible flow requirements.
Customize the body text display ratio, signature/seal nodes, official document fields and so on to meet different requirements for approval of official documents.
Maintenance permissions of official document approval flow can be assigned to specific personnel, allowing them to freely create, adjust and delete approval workflows and approval types.

Secure exchange of official documents

Secure and stable data exchange technology to enable safe and reliable exchange of official documents.
Support the exchange of official documents between different entities in the same system, and support the re-issuance of official documents, the cancellation of official documents, and the sending and receiving traces.
When signing for official documents, the registrant of the official documents can be designated, which is closely connected with the receipt of the official documents for easy tracking and monitoring.

Flexible inquiry of official documents

The list of official documents supports user-defined queries by date, document number, title, issuer, etc.

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