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Integrated Office Solution

Perform unified management of corporate resources, such as bulletins and meeting rooms. Provide employees with quick access to corporate information resources by using intelligent and mobile methods. This facilitates collaboration among employees.

Notices and bulletins transfer information from the management to employees.

Important bulletins are sent to all staff, and they will receive these announcements upon login.
Receive timely notifications from your phone or a third-party app. This ensures that you do not miss important notifications.
You Can Track the Delivery Status of Messages to Make Sure That They Are Received by the Recipients
Bulletins are sorted in chronological order.

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Smart conference manager on mobile phones

Check which conference rooms are available and make a reservation at any time.
Schedules are automatically associated so that all participants can attend the meeting.
Multiple reminders prevent you from missing any important meeting to be held after a long time.
Book a room for a temporary meeting at any time from a mobile client, and generate meeting notifications to prevent participants from missing important meetings.

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