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Contract order

Starting from the importance of business order data, it is convenient to manage the entire process of order execution; to track the completion of orders at any time, control the actual execution of orders, and timely feedback order anomalies, so as to record, track and control the order execution process.

Standardize the whole process of order management

Establish a standardized enterprise order management system, and customize the order Workflow that meets the needs of the enterprise.
Standardize the order management habits of all business personnel
Avoid order rights and responsibilities caused by arbitrariness, and unnecessary business losses

Order approval is submitted at any time and processed at any time

Business people can create orders anytime, anywhere with their mobile phones
The system automatically triggers Workflow according to the order, and the superior can view and process the order approval on multiple terminals.
Order information is communicated in real time online to improve order processing efficiency

Order collection data automatically statistics, grasp the collection rhythm

The order module is associated with the customer, and the order amount system automatically counts after the contract is submitted and created.
Convenient for business personnel and management personnel to know the status of order collection in a timely manner

Real-time feedback on order anomalies to improve business collaboration

After the order is created, the content of the order and the abnormal situation can be communicated with the superior online feedback.
At any time@other cooperating departments to strengthen the cooperation degree of relevant business departments

Order customization to meet the order management needs of various industries

Customize the fields, option values, and associated modules of order cards according to the different requirements of order management in various industries.
Custom order statistics, monthly order submission at a glance

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