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A reasonable and compliant management system is built for diversified pricing systems in different orders.Improve management efficiency by using convenient and user-friendly price management operation.

Centralized Management of Differentiated Prices to Standardize Order Prices

Digital price management improves one-on-one price negotiations within senior managers.
Historical price data is easy to obtain.
Centralized price management is conducted for all contracts signed by customers, suppliers, and partners.
The prices of multiple products are packaged and sorted for management.

Automatic Approval Workflow for a Unified Price System

Regulate the pricing system within the enterprise to avoid losses caused by non-compliance.
Submitted pricing information automatically enters the internal approval workflow for compliance management.
Quotation approval requests can be processed anytime and anywhere on a mobile device.

Directly Obtain Prices for Orders in a Convenient and Accurate Manner

You can add products and view product prices with a few clicks, and submit discounts as needed.
You can view the price catalog when you submit an order, which is convenient and time-efficient.
You can apply quotations for customers of the same type with a few clicks without duplicating operations.

User-defined Price Management to Meet Your Diverse Needs

Specify different approval workflows for different positions for more standardized workflow management.
User-defined Fields in Price Cards to Meet Your Diverse Needs

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