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Humanized price management is convenient to operate, friendly to use while improving management efficiency.User-friendly price management is easy to operate, and it is friendly to use and improve management efficiency.

Centralized management of differentiated quotations and standardized order prices

Electronic quotation management to improve the previous one-to-one agreed method
Easy access to historical price data
Centralized management of order prices for multiple role types such as customers, suppliers, partners.
Multi-product prices, package management, convenient and orderly

Automated process approval, self-contained price system

Standardize the internal price system of the enterprise to avoid losses caused by random quotes
Price submission automatically generates internal Workflow, compliance management
mobile terminal can also complete price approval anytime and anywhere

Order directly to use the price, convenient without error

Add a product with one click, and directly get the product price, and submit a price discount based on actual demand
Order submission directly calls the maintained price catalog, fast and convenient
Similar customer quotes, one-click 'price sharing', no need to repeat new

Customized price management to meet different needs

Set up different Workflows for the use of different positions, and more standardized process management
Custom price card fields to meet the daily use style of different enterprises

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