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Work Report

A summary can be generated on the achievements and development made during the week, month, or year, with a short plan for the next step.The system can automatically summarize your daily work to help you understand the details of each summary report on a daily basis.

Weekly Report

A weekly report covers the progress of each task based on the plans initiated and the problems encountered by providing a comprehensive analysis for the week. This helps both the owner and the team quickly adjust to work arrangements.

Monthly Report

A monthly report includes a summary of the work done by month, and a list of major tasks for the next month.

Quarterly Report

A quarterly report includes a summary of the work done during the season, and the key directions for the next season.

Annual Report

A semiannual or annual report summarizes your personal development, daily achievements, and valuable experiences during the period.

Reports of Subordinates

You can view work reports of your subordinates periodically, and provide comments and feedback. You can also communicate with your subordinates face-to-face as needed. The report is a means to communicate with your subordinates in a more informal setting.

Share Reports

If you wish to view summary reports of your colleagues and learn from each other, you can share your reports and read reports shared by your colleagues.

Exchange Ideas on Reports

Arrangements and summaries on work plans can help you accomplish work arrangements as soon as possible. You can use this feature to communicate with your colleagues anywhere and at any time to coordinate work arrangements.

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