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Business opportunity

Screen high-intention business opportunities from customer follow-up, focus on the key process of order, focus on follow-up business opportunity customers, get more opportunities

Centrally manage business opportunities across channels without missing an effective one

Each channel business opportunities batch import, anytime and anywhere to create, centralized unified management
Associate with customers, automatically eliminates repetition to avoid duplication, and maximize the use of team resources
The superior looks into the business opportunities of the subordinates to follow up and adjust the work in a timely manner.

Comprehensive information perspective of business opportunities, grasp key information of each business opportunity

Winning order process is transparent, tracking the whole process from scheme communication to decision maker approval.
Connect all schemes, order contracts, etc.
Record the follow-up situation of each opportunity communication for easy review

Enterprises with different business models can customize different business opportunity systems

Customize the business opportunity sales process to meet the business opportunity follow-up stage and needs
Customize the source and type of business opportunities to achieve working scenarios at all stages
Customize the reasons for losing orders, which is convenient for leaders to monitor in all directions in real time

Form a complete report to optimize sales links and increase transaction conversions

Real-time understanding of the team's customer turnover, performance, etc.
Control the average customer unit price, etc., and detect market dynamics and adjust work in a timely manner.
Perform comprehensive analysis of sales behavior trends and behaviors to ensure the team's good condition and work passion

Coordinated support to help enterprises to do a good job in the follow-up of key links

Business opportunities associated customers, clues, a comprehensive understanding of all customer follow-up process
Business opportunity associated contract, convenient for each business opportunity customer order contract
Business opportunities associated competitors, key follow-up links better analysis of customer psychology
Business opportunities associated approval, a key to check the submitted Workflow progress
Business opportunities associated approval, a key to check the submitted Workflow progress
Opportunity related documents, business opportunity customers build a database to facilitate sales growth

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