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Business Opportunity

You can filter opportunities with high customer intention during follow-up, focus on key phases in orders, and follow up with highly potential customers to obtain more orders.

Centralized Management of Opportunities in Different Channels, Wthout Missing Any Valuable Opportunities

You can batch import opportunities of different channels and create opportunities anytime and anywhere for centralized management.
You can associate customers to avoid duplication and make full use of team resources.
Supervisors can track subordinates' follow-ups on all business opportunities. This helps subordinates adjust their work in a timely manner.

A Complete Perspective of Opportunities Helps You Grasp Key Information of Each Business Opportunity

Achieve transparency throughout the order acquisition process from communicating the solution to obtaining the decision maker's approval.
Connect data of all solutions, orders, and contracts in a systematic way.
Record each follow-up on business opportunities for subsequent review.

Different Business Opportunity Systems for Enterprises of Different Business Models

Customize the sales process to meet your needs at each stage of business opportunity follow-up.
Customize the sources and types of business opportunities for teamwork scenarios at each stage.
Customize the reasons for losing orders to facilitate all-around real-time supervision by leaders.

Generate Complete Reports, Optimize the Sales Process, and Improve the Transaction Conversion Rate

Know the team's turnover, performance, and other information in real time.
Keep track of each customer transaction and other metrics as well as market dynamics. This facilitates timely adjustment.
Analyze sales behavior and trends comprehensively to ensure sound team performance.

Coordinated Support Helps Enterprises Focus on the Key Phases of Follow-ups

Associate business opportunities with customers and leads to understand the holistic customer follow-up process.
Associate business opportunities with contracts to conveniently establish contracts for each potential customer.
Associate business opportunities with competitors to help sales staff better analyze customer psychology in key follow-up phases.
Associate business opportunities with contract approvals so that the approval progress can be viewed with a few clicks.
Associate business opportunities with contract approvals so that the approval progress can be viewed with a few clicks.
Associate business opportunities with documents, and create a database for potential customers to drive sales growth.

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