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Task Collaboration

Work tasks and effective tracking can be feedback at any time, and tasks can be assigned to other colleagues at any time. Priorities, approvals, working hours, online collaboration, progress feedback, etc. can be set in tasks. Meet the needs of different scenarios of enterprise R & D collaboration, after-sales tracking, work order management, etc., to help enterprises manage more simply and efficiently.

One-click task assignment with clear powers and responsibilities.

Through the set task template , the task can be launched quickly with one key to / of the web terminal + the mobile terminal , and relevant personnel can also receive real-time reminders on each port . In the task , each person has cleared rights and responsibilities , and can automatically record all progress , avoid personnel disputes , to ensure the efficiency of the task

Open up internal and external collaboration and improve organizational execution

In the implementation of specific work affairs , collaborations between different companies , different departments , and different people are often required , and tasks can be shared externally and internally to meet this demand . In addition , the personnel can also communicate the progress and arrangement of tasks in a timely and online manner , which greatly improves the efficiency of corporate task execution.

Custom tasks templates to meet different needs of enterprises.

According to different business needs of enterprises, you can customize R & D task templates, personnel task templates, demand task templates, design task templates, etc. At the same time, you can also customize different task management rules to facilitate different companies to perform better task management work.

Multi-port synchronization task progress, one-button fast feedback

In enterprise WeChat, WeChat public account, APP, web page and other ports can be viewed at any time, feedback work tasks and effective tracking. For more urgent tasks, you can urge them to be handled with one key, or through @ specific personnel, you can give feedback quickly, maintain efficient communication, and improve the efficiency of task promotion

Real-time message reminder, let things find people, work becomes active

Through the function of eteams reminder, things can find people automatically, whether it is the specific task arrangement or the progress feedback during the task execution. With the increase of work messages, the system also classifies key notifications for @ you or reply to your important messages in the task, so that you can timely know important information and give active feedback

Detailed statistics of task hours, more accurate cost check

Task man-hours can help you better record the man-hours consumed by each person during the task advancement process , such as records of product development , project implementation , etc , so that companies can better check to labor costs and check more accurately.

Task supports review and strict control of task completion quality.

Different types of tasks support the sett of different Workflows to facilitate the checking of task completion and strictly control the quality of employee tasks completion . It is suitable for scenarios such as research and development requirements confirmation , project implementation confirmation , and engineering installation.

Task support matters related, more comprehensive information

Collaborate with information on other modules , such as approvals , documents , customers , schedules , etc , to make it easy about participants of the task to learn more about the task , such as whether the task is a visit arrangement for a customer , or this task Which project is promoted.

Powerful statistical reports, data-driven improvement

Rich optional dimensions, to facilitate management to grasp the performance of various personnel and departments in different tasks at any time, to control the progress of tasks and the consumption of man-hours, and to help management make better decisions and improve the enterprise through multi-dimensional intuitive data Internal task promotion efficiency and personnel optimization

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