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Task Collaboration

You can give feedback and track tasks at any time, and assign tasks to others. You can also configure the task priority, approval workflow, man hours, online collaboration, and progress feedback requirements. This way, you can manage R&D collaboration, after-sales tracking, ticket processing, and other activities more efficiently.

Easy Task Assignment with a Clear Definition of Permissions and Duties

You can modify a task template both through a web client or a mobile client and launch the task quickly. Relevant personnel will receive reminders on their devices in real time. The system allows you to clearly define permissions and duties of each individual involved, and automatically records all the progress data to avoid disputes and ensure task processing efficiency.

Cross-organizational Collaboration to Improve Execution Performance

The execution of a task often requires the collaboration of teams from different departments of different companies. To that end, the system supports task sharing. Individuals involved can communicate the progress and arrangement of tasks online in a timely manner, which greatly improves task execution efficiency.

User-defined Task Templates to Meet Your Diverse Needs

The system allows you to create templates for R&D, HR, request, design, and other tasks as needed. You can also specify different task management rules to facilitate task management in your enterprise.

Multi-platform Synchronization of Task Progress with Prompt Feedback

You can effectively track tasks and give feedback at any time on various platforms, such as WeChat, WeChat official account, the mobile client, and the web client. In case of an emergency, you can urge a quick execution with a few clicks, or mention the specific person in the group by using the at sign (@). This allows you to give instant feedback, keep communication efficient, and improve task execution efficiency.

Real-time Message Reminders

The eteams system automatically sends you reminders about your to-dos, such as the arrangements of tasks and task execution feedback. As the number of messages increases, the system classifies the messages in which you are mentioned or someone replied to you, and reminds you in time based on the priorities of the messages.

Detailed Statistics of Task Durations for Accurate Cost Analysis

The system allows you to record the time consumed by each person during the execution of a task, such as product R&D and project implementation, making it easy for you to accurately analyze the labor costs.

Strict Task Audit to Control the Execution Quality

You can configure different approval workflows to check and control the execution quality of different types of tasks, such as R&D requirement confirmation, project implementation confirmation, and engineering installation.

Information Association to Provide Clear Task Details

The system associates relevant information to a task, such as reviewers and files involved, customer, and schedule. This helps you grasp in-depth information about the task, such as whether the task is specially arranged to win a specific customer and for which project the task is provided.

Insightful Statistical Reports for Data-driven Improvement

Multiple optional metrics are provided for managers to check the performance of individuals and departments at different stages of a task, control the task progress and execution duration, and make better decisions based on unambiguous data. This help enterprises improve the task execution efficiency and HR optimization.

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