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What work results have been achieved weekly, monthly and annually, summing up the growth experience, and concisely reporting the overall plan for the next step.The system helps to refine the content of each day's work report, so that you can understand specific issues while understanding the summary report


Based on the calendar view of the month, week, and day, you can arrange to the specific time point of each day to make full use of each day's time; meanwhile, use the multi-terminal message reminder to avoid missing items. Even you can arrange personal non-work matters, which is your own full-time management.

Multi-person arrangements

Multi-person interviews, multi-person visits, meeting arrangements and other multi-party scenario applications, not just one person's time, can quickly help colleagues to establish a common business planning arrangement

Private schedule

If you don't want to make your schedule public, or if you don't want it to be accessible to your supervisor, you can use your private schedule to arrange events that are completely within your scope.

Occupied time

Check the schedule of each colleague at any time and anywhere (of course, the system provides corresponding permission control, so you can only know whether the time is occupied, but you can't check the specific schedule content), and know whether a certain period of time of each colleague is occupied, so as to avoid work interruption

Public schedule

To find out where the colleague is, or to let colleagues and superiors know what you're doing, you only need to make your schedule public. From the point of view of the team, it also naturally formed the team members out dynamic.

Subordinate arrangement

Supervisors such as supervisors and managers can directly arrange agenda items to subordinates, and can see the specific schedule and progress of each day of each subordinate member of the team.

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