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Create an exclusive office platform for enterprises

An enterprise can reconstruct a desired work application that is not in the system through a single table, multiple tables, approval tables, projects, documents, etc. according to its own work and business needs, which facilitates the realization of the enterprise's personalized configuration requirements for work applications. For example, common vehicle management, warehouse management, performance management, cost control management, etc.

Upgrade your standard app to your own app for free when you need it

Most of the products in the cloud OA products are enterprise-wide application configurations, but companies can also rebuild a desired but system through single tables, multiple tables, workflow tables, projects, documents, etc. according to their own work and business needs. Unused work applications upgrade the standard work platform to a dedicated platform to better meet the personalized management needs of enterprises

Zero base, no need for any programming skills, can be quickly mastered

Personalization is not as far away as imagined. The system is all visual operation. The application can be completed through four-step configuration. The realization of complex scenes with multiple tables can be achieved by simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division rules without mastering programming skills , Everyone can get started easily

The important work is isolated separately, and it is more convenient to view and use

In addition to building personalized applications through multiple tables, for some single tables or single workflow tables, if it is a business that is often done in the enterprise, the core business can be isolated separately. In this way, employees can find them quickly when they are often used, such as reimbursement applications, out-of-office applications, or leave workflows.

Group display with other applications to show full personalization

Custom-built applications can be grouped and displayed with all other applications in the office platform through their own layout settings. Different classifications are more convenient for corporate collaborative management and highlight the personalization of each enterprise platform.

Data linkage and rule configuration help achieve complex scenarios

For complex scenarios that require linkage between multiple tables, such as inventory management, material inventory management, vehicle management, etc., it can be implemented by setting rules such as addition and subtraction to the rule base, helping companies achieve more in-depth business management.

Flexible enable and disable settings, one step optimization

All customized personalized applications can be enabled and disabled at any time, and divided into different permissions. For example, after employees leave and change positions, it is convenient for managers to organize and optimize these applications in a timely manner. The settings are simple and immediately effective.

Custom configuration and permissions management

You can customize the configuration of the built applications, and set the application scope of each application, so that different applications are targeted at different users, and you can customize the menu display method in the application, which is convenient for employees. Ready to use

Customize multi-dimensional report statistics, data display is more intuitive

The data in the personalized application supports flexible customization of various statistical reports, and all types of report data are also real-time statistics. Multi-terminal can be easily viewed and enjoy the same intelligent experience as other applications.

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