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Business Forms

Redefine collaboration with data, account records, data reporting, and external research collectionThoroughly bid farewell to traditional paper and pencil data collection methods, complete data submission in real time, automatically generate data and reports

Easily report data

Business reports and operating data no longer need to be passed around from Excel. You can fill in the form directly on your computer or mobile phone. Do n’t forget regularly, data statistics are more convenient

Efficiently collect external feedback

Your questionnaire survey, voting statistics, event registration, satisfaction feedback, etc. can all be completed in the form, and then shared to internal and external friends with one click, so that everyone can really participate and interact! In this way, the real voice of external users can be received at the first time to promote the development of the enterprise.

Rich form template

There are tens of thousands of form templates for you to choose from in the rich cloud form library. There are all kinds of forms such as registration forms, registration forms, feedback forms, invitations, and online orders. One-click enable, you can use it with a little modification

Simple form design

Freely draggable controls, easy to operate, and quickly create your own form to meet data collection needs. Make your watchmaking skills beautiful, unlike power

Easier sharing and collaboration

One form can be used by the entire team, or it can support online editing by multiple people, eliminating the hassle of passing around.

The most flexible way to publish

It can be collected internally or distributed externally. Whether you need to report internal data in time or collect statistics on external data, you can use the form module. So convenient, is it your dish?

Powerful statistics

Clear data statistics function allows you to find patterns from the data, identify trends, discover relationships, really speak with the data, and analyze the team's operating status from the data.

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