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Project Management

There are always a variety of projects underway at work: engineering, after-sales follow-up, IT R&D, and other projects. Weaver eteams helps your team manage projects by allowing you to assign tasks to team members, use Gantt charts to monitor project progress, and improve your management abilities.

Cross-departmental Collaboration with Duties Clearly Defined

The system allows you to assign tasks to individuals involved in a collaborative project despite whether they are from the same department. Any questions and feedback about the project can be discussed and quickly solved in a group, and the work progress of each member is visible to each other, allowing members of different departments to communicate and collaborate efficiently without boundaries.

Graphic Display Mode for Easy Control of Progress

Use「Gantt charts」to display the project progress, which allows you to easily set the task relationship. Phases, tasks, and milestones of a project are also displayed. The system also provides other views such as the dashboard to clearly display the duties of individuals. Managers can easily control the project status without wasting time on progress monitoring and frequent meetings.

Customizable Management Modes for Different Positions

You can customize project templates or task fields for different roles in your enterprise, such as sales staff, HR, and R&D managers, to help them fulfill their duties. For example, you can create project templates or task fields related to HR recruitment management and R&D plan advancement. This way, complex workflows for different positions and business scenarios can be simplified and executed online to achieve higher productivity.

Mobile Project Management with Real-time Message Reminders

Members of a project will receive instant message reminders for comments and replies about the project by others. Managers overseeing multiple projects at the same time can check the project updates and message reminders in real time on the mobile client, and therefore give prompt suggestions and control the progress.

Fine-grained Project Permission Control to Ensure Data Security

You can configure permissions on the fields and data of a project, and grant specific permissions to different roles in the project. Fine-grained multi-metric management of project permissions ensures the security of crucial enterprise information.

Reliable Preservation of All Project Information

All project-related information, such as documents, contracts, or member discussions, is recorded and associated with corresponding projects in a structured manner. The system automatically provides statistics of the project-related information, making it easy to view without the need to comb through all the chat windows or emails.

Standardized Project Workflow and Accumulative Project Experience

You can set standard project workflow templates based on effective project work modes and proven business experience. This way, you can directly apply a template when you launch a project with the same workflow and guarantee the project efficiency and quality in spite of changes in project staffing.

A Complete Big Picture Based on Module Association

During the advancement of a project, project-related knowledge documents and specific approval workflows will be accumulated. The system will automatically aggregate information from other modules that is related to the project to give you a holistic view of the project.

Multi-dimensional Statistics for Project Management

Project managers can perform well-informed cost-profit analysis of a project based on indicators in the project statistics, such as man-hours of tasks, completion time, and delay. They can also create and export user-defined reports, which makes project management evidence-based and more convenient.

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