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General Personnel

Personnel files, personnel recruitment, personnel workflows, performance evaluation, attendance statistics, payroll issuance, employee training, and other personnel tasks are all handled; help personnel to complete various fragmented personnel tasks more efficiently; help personnel better collaborate with other colleagues communication.

All personnel related work can be done

Archive management, recruitment management, performance evaluation, personnel approval.
One system, multiple terminals to view and handle personnel related matters
Facilitate online and real-time collaboration between personnel workers and other colleagues
Manage external personnel information and contact external candidates in one system
Personnel can solve all internal and external affairs without having to log into multiple work systems.

Scientific and effective management of personnel files

Online management of employee profile information, which can be quickly viewed and retrieved
Archive information classification display, find intuitive and convenient.
Unified file information and address card information for centralized management

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Intelligent and effective promotion of recruitment process

From the resume selection to the onboarding arrangements, the whole process of a project is advanced
Interview schedules are linked to recruitment tasks for each position, intelligently reminding interviewers.
Establish a resume database of candidates, link to recruitment tasks, preview resumes at any time.
Recruitment process is established in stages or departments, dragging to move forward and backward
Through a recruitment project, you can directly see the recruitment situation of all required positions.

Personnel workflow is fully realized

Comprehensive support for various personnel workflow, such as leave workflow and regularworkflow
Customized configuration of various personnel processes, which can be satisfied by different enterprises
Flexible configuration of some free workflows, implementation of some internal messages and other workflows
Customize the company's annual leave data, making it easier for employees to submit leave workflow
Workflow association, the workflow of becoming a regular employee directly related to new employee training tasks, resume documents
Feedback and exchange online in time when there are objections to the workflow, reducing personnel workload.

Performance appraisal automation to improve performance evaluation efficiency

Automate the performance evaluation process to facilitate personnel to complete performance evaluation
Different personnel can configure different performance evaluation processes according to needs
Different evaluation templates can also be set for different functional positions or corporate personnel.
Provide templates for multiple positions for personnel use

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Multi-channel payroll pushes secret and timely

Change the traditional paper payslip, multi-channel push secrets and reduce costs
Personnel can choose to push payroll through corporate WeChat or email
Four simple steps, personnel can complete the batch push of employee payroll
The sending result is returned, knowing the actual sending data
Payroll is sent in batches, no need to send personnel one by one.

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Collaborative support, more efficient personnel collaboration office

Combining documents, personnel can establish different personnel databases
Combining documents, personnel can establish a new employee onboarding configuration knowledge base
Combine the project and task to record the entire process of employee interviews and onboarding in the system.
Combined with the approval, leave, become normal personnel workflow to intelligent circulation.
Combined with attendance, employees' attendance, annual leave management, abnormal appeals and other data are collectively summarized
Intelligent reminder for schedules such as schedules, personnel interview arrangements, etc.

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