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Market activity

Connect the entire customer source and business process from the process of customer acquisition; centralize the management and promotion of all marketing and marketing activities to facilitate comparison, analysis and planning.

Real-time feedback on the implementation of activities, timely and efficient information synchronization

The mobile terminal provides on-site feedback on offline meetings and ground push activities anytime and anywhere.
The superior arranges the work to be transmitted to the subordinates in real time, ensuring that the information is synchronized in a timely and efficient manner.

Connect multiple applications to establish overall activity management

All tasks related to the activity are related, so it is easy to understand the task implementation
All the customers involved are clearly connected, knowing who the participating customers are
Documents related to the activity output for easy review and experience reference
Association form to directly connect customer leads collected by the event to the event

Market activities centralized management, activity management is more organized

Improve the past habits of fragmented and irregular market-related activities
Focus on all activities to facilitate market teamwork
Keep precipitating historical activity records and form an activity case library

Activity management custom, configure the desired activity application

Custom event types, seminars, advertising, offline events, etc.
Customize event status, ongoing, paused, scheduled, etc.
Custom card field, flexible configuration of active card information

Cooperative support, convenient and effective management of marketing activities department

Activity field, mobile field is convenient for attendance management
Activity report, statistical activity data through the form and quickly reported to the superior
Event partner management, unified management through CRM
Activity expense process, you can quickly reimburse and apply for expenses on the mobile phone

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