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Official Document Management

Integrate document approval with sealing in a digitalized way, from drafting, circulation, issuing, sealing, distributing, and electronic storage certificates, to the exchange of documents.

Support 15 National Standards

The system provides 16 types of official documents and supports the creation of new documents.
The following are 15 types of state-specified official documents and announcements: resolution, decision, order, bulletin, public announcement, announcement, circular, opinion, notice, notification, report, request, approval, motion, letter, summary, and public notice

Efficient drafting

Revision traces are retained in the main text to facilitate viewing and tracing.
You can directly save the text as a model text, and then modify the text based on the existing content. You can also share the text with others.

Convenient document issuance

Easy-to-use and standard print-in-red templates are automatically selected for official documents to be reviewed and issued with a few clicks.
You can evoke the sealing system based on permissions when you issue the print-in-red documents so that all documents can be automatically stamped and managed in a unified manner by the corresponding issuing authority.
Support endorsement on the mobile terminal. You can directly initiate the approval workflow and review, which makes the official document processing convenient and fast.

Flexible customized approval workflow

Support electronic flow of different types of official documents to meet flexible document flow requirements.
You can customize settings, such as body display ratio, signature nodes, and text fields, to meet different approval requirements for official documents.
The maintenance permissions of official document approval workflows can be granted to specific personnel to perform operations, such as creating, adjusting, and deleting approval flows and types.

Secure exchange of official documents

Secure and stable data exchange technologies help provide a secure and reliable exchange of official documents.
Support the exchange of official documents between different units in the same system, retransmission and withdrawal of official documents, and reservation of traces of sending and receiving.
When signing official documents, you can designate the registrant of official documents to monitor the receipt of official documents. This makes it easy to track and monitor official documents.

Flexible inquiry of official documents

Customized query conditions are supported for querying official documents. For example, you can query the documents by date, document number, title, and issuer.

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