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Contract Order

Provide efficient management of orders based on important data. The system tracks order completion, controls actual order execution, and provides timely feedback on abnormalities of orders from business order data. The system can also record, track, and control the entire order execution process anytime and anywhere.

Standardized Order Workflow Management

You may establish a standardized order management system and customize the order approval workflow according to the requirements of your enterprise.
This can help business staff develop good order management habits,
and avoid unclear roles and responsibilities as well as unnecessary loss to the enterprise.

Submit and Process Order Approval Workflows Anytime and Anywhere

Business staff can create orders on their mobile phones anytime and anywhere.
The system automatically triggers an approval workflow for the orders, and supervisors can view and process these workflows on multiple clients.
They can also communicate with each other on order information online in real time. This improves order processing efficiency.

Automatic Collection of Payment Data Helps Analyze the Progress of the Payment

The order module is associated with the customer module. After a contract is created and submitted, the system automatically calculates the order amount.
This keeps business and management staff informed of the payment collection situation of each order.

Real-time Feedback on Abnormal Orders for Closer Collaboration

After an order is created, you can communicate the order information to your supervisor and report any abnormality online in real time.
You can also@seek support from other departments anytime, which enhances cross-department collaboration.

User-defined Order Management to Satisfy the Needs of Different Industries

Enterprises in different industries can create user-defined fields, values and associated modules on order information cards according to their own order management requirements.
User-defined order statistics allow you to view the information of all orders submitted in each month at a glance.

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