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Plan Reports

What work results have been achieved weekly, monthly and annually, summing up the growth experience, and concisely reporting the overall plan for the next step.The system helps to refine the content of each day's work report, so that you can understand specific issues while understanding the summary report.

Weekly report

In the week, did you advance every work content according to the plan at that time, did you encounter some problems during the work of this week, or did you complete all the work satisfactorily and beautifully? Whether it is smooth or difficult, you must conduct a summary analysis in a timely manner. Facilitates quick adjustments to individual and team work arrangements

Monthly report

Report on a monthly cycle and draw up key work items for the next month

Quarterly report

Talk about reporting in accordance with the quarterly cycle, and draw up the key results plan direction for the next quarter.

Annual report

A year can be very fast or very slow. The key lies in whether you can effectively promote your work every day and make yourself grow in every period of time. Through semi-annual or annual summary analysis, you can best reflect your inner journey.

Subordinate report

Review the subordinate's periodic work report in time, and give corresponding encouragement or correction comments in a timely manner, and conduct more face-to-face communication if necessary; meanwhile, based on the electronic and informal face-to-face communication and reporting method, to avoid employee embarrassment occur

Report sharing

Would you also like to know how to write the summary of other colleagues occasionally? Can their good experience be learned, even though they have not personally experienced each other's specific matters? Share your report, you can also share the report of colleagues.

Report exchange

The arrangement or summary analysis of the work plan is not just written to each other or to yourself, the key is to be able to implement the next effective work arrangement and adjustment as soon as possible, communicate with no time and no space limit, and reach the agreement of work direction and arrangement in time

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