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Service Wechat Account

No need to register and verify the enterprise account, just follow the eteams service account (scan the QR code on the right) and bind the account, you can immediately collaborate internally

Scan the code to enter the 'micro office'

Scan the QR code in the picture, click to enter the 'micro office', and easily have a mobile office assistant.

Enter service account

After follow the eteams service account, perform the corresponding authorization binding, and then you can directly enter the office in eteams, and can receive each push message in real time.

Service account application

eteamsYou can directly use all the applications in the computer and APP through WeChat service numbers. The following is a brief introduction of representative applications.

Task Collaboration

You can feedback work tasks and effective tracking at any time, or you can assign tasks to other colleagues at any time; by focusing on people and things, let important tasks show progress at any time.Through related functions such as task items and labels, related tasks can be brought together to effectively implement the goals.

Project Management

Around a cyclical project of an individual or a team, make a work plan in a timely manner through project collaboration, summarize the progress in the implementation process, and promote the implementation of the project! Establish cross-team, flexible group, and non-organizational boundary PDCA project-like collaboration to improve team execution

Document Library

In the process of knowledge accumulation and team building, the editors should make full use of their knowledge and experience.And form a team collaboration center based on documents such as copywriting, planning, plans, etc.


Unified management of sales, leads, customers, business opportunities, contacts, contract orders and other links, tracking each step of the customer. Establish a full-following tracking based on the sales funnel, each lead business opportunity is broken, and provide contact records based on the geographical location of the field to optimize sales


Business forms libraries from all walks of life help you quickly learn from the same company, the same scale of business operating experience and internal specifications. The company's daily administrative management and business Workflow are all electronicized and paperless, and internal efficiency is further improved through mobile approval.

Daily Work Report

After work, review your day's harvest, show and share today's achievements and work experience! Record every day's work achievements and experience sharing, which can see the work status and effectiveness of each member of the organization and the progress of each item!


What work results have been achieved weekly, monthly and annually, summing up the growth experience, and concisely reporting the overall plan for the next step.The system helps to refine the content of each day's work report, so that you can understand specific issues while understanding the summary report

Plan Reports

What work results are achieved weekly, monthly, and yearly, and the results of the growth are summarized, and the overall plan for the next step is briefly and concisely reported. The system itself helps to refine the work report content of each day, so that you can understand the specific matters while understanding the summary report.

Business Forms

Redefine collaboration with data, and do it all together with ledger records, data reporting, and external survey collection.Say goodbye to traditional paper and pen data collection methods, complete data submission in real time, and automatically generate data and reports

WeChat Attendance

Mobile sign-in, grasp the status of work and work hours. Geographical location-based mobile sign-in and sign-out, combined with corporate commute time, also provides visit contact records based on the geographic location of the field. Automatically form team members' work attendance trajectory, making attendance statistics more convenient

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Performance Appraisal

Attendance Management

Business Forms

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Task Collaboration

Daily Work Report

Plan Reports

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