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Provide a unified and centralized multi-angle statistical analysis and report data around people and events. Daily reports, tasks, workflows, customers, attendance, working hours, personnel and other statistical reports.

Task statistics and reports

According to the time range, the task execution status of each member can be counted in real time, whether his work is scheduled in time, how many tasks remain to be done, and how many tasks are completed each day.

Task completion

Open task completion records, so that each colleague can understand each other's task completion number every day, that is, a clear statistical analysis of the task scheduling, feedback, and completion of the colleague or subordinate every day.

Daily report statistics

The habit is only good: 5 minutes before work every day to review the daily work progress and the simple arrangements for the next day, but how many colleagues have persisted every day, you can understand in real time through daily report statistics.

Workflow statistics and reports

eteamsIn the workflow application, it not only provides various types of workflow usage, but also understands the number of workflows submitted by the person or subordinate you follow each day. Of course, it is more important to be able to accurately calculate each workflow form from multiple perspectives. Detailed data, and allow export data to analyze in Excel according to their own statistical dimensions.

Length of work

Based on the punch-in time to and from work, you can count the working hours of each member per day, that is, how long have you been working every day, so that you can pay based on the hourly system.

Attendance statistics

Open-ended statistics of the number of late arrivals, early departures, unsigned out and unchecked out of each person each month, see your colleagues' attendance at work every day.

Login log

The promotion of an information system can not be separated from the use of team members every day. If you do not log in, the system will gradually weaken. Through the statistical records of the log in,Can prompt team members to enter the system to collect and process related matters in time.

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