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Check attendance through Apps and WeChat. A work attendance track can be automatically generated. You can view on/off-duty attendance, and field service statistics of employees.
Daily, weekly, and monthly attendance statistics are automatically collected for each employee. Attendance reports are generated automatically based on statistical analysis, which greatly reduces the operation cost of the enterprise.

Multiple Attendance Sign-in Methods Are Supported, Including Sign-in on Mobile Phones and Sign-in During Business Trips for Salespeople

Employees can sign in and sign out via the APP, WeChat service account, or WeCom on their mobile phones. Salespeople who are visiting customers can associate the visit with the customer information, and give feedback on the visit. Their itineraries are reported in real time to facilitate the management of employee business trip data.

Attendance Customization Supports Flexible Attendance Rules for Different Employees

You can flexibly set different attendance rules for different regions, positions, ranks, departments, and employees, including free attendance, flexible attendance, fixed time, shift attendance, and weekly and bi-weekly attendance to meet various attendance needs in different management modes.

Attendance Calendars Are Generated Automatically and You Can Apply for a Review of Abnormal Attendance Records with One Click

The system automatically generates employee attendance reports according to the attendance rules and sign-in and sign-out time. Each employee can check the monthly and daily attendance details, including late arrivals, non-sign-in, and non-sign-out. Employees can click Appeal for any attendance disputes and their managers can handle the disputes accordingly online.

Automatic Attendance Tracking to Prevent Phony Sign-in

Supervisors can check whether employees are punctual for work and how often they leave the office, so as to avoid phony sign-in and assess the performance and sense of responsibility of employees. Supervisors can also track the changes in sign-in and sign-out locations every month.

Human-oriented Leave Management

The system allows you to add or batch import employees' annual and personal leave records, and set detailed rules about vacations and leaves of different roles. This way, employees can schedule their time and work with pleasure.

Association of Approval Forms for Easier HR Management

You can associate the approval forms related to field service, leaves, and other activities. This way, the data on leaves is associated with attendance data to update the remaining time of leaves and vacations automatically, which allows you to generate and export a multi-metric statistical report. The report can be directly used for shift arrangement, performance assessment, salary calculation, etc. The data integration efficiency can be greatly improved, making the business operation more efficient and human resources management more convenient.

Integration with Attendance Machines to Meet the Diversified Needs of Enterprises

You can integrate attendance machines with the attendance application of eteams. After configuring the desired attendance machines as sources, you can synchronize the attendance information of employees to eteams. The application is easy to use and meets your various attendance management needs.

Automatic Attendance Statistics to Facilitate Enterprise Operation

The system automatically generates multi-metric statistical reports based on the attendance rules. You can view sign-in and sign-out records, leave records, and other attendance data of employees, and export the reports. The report can be directly used for shift arrangement, performance assessment, salary calculation, etc. The data integration efficiency can be greatly improved, making the business operation more efficient.

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