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Project Management Collaboration at the Enterprise Level

The project management of the cloud OA system of Weaver covers the whole lifecycle of a project from project initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure. It also optimizes project management workflows based on roles and positions as per enterprise requirements.

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Requirement Background of Project Management Collaboration at the Enterprise Level

Requirement background of enterprise project management

Overall Framework of Project Management Collaboration at the Enterprise Level

Overall framework of enterprise project management

Core Features of Project Management at the Enterprise Level

Core features of enterprise project management

  • Set up project template libraries for the enterpriseReuse similar projects

    When you promote different types of work in the enterprise with projects as the main line, the enterprise can turn well-promoted projects into team templates for reuse so that new recruits can quickly start their work.态

  • Project progress approval controlPerform project control from the source

    Project formulation and execution are managed by milestones. Managers can determine whether a project should be initiated based on relevant project information in the approval form to control the project from the source.

  • Quantify information in a projectMake project management evidence-based

    Project indicators, such as task working hours, due time, and volume of deferred tasks, can be set flexibly and exported with one tap to provide the basis for the cost-benefit analysis and delivery quality analysis.

  • Various project dashboard viewsLearn about project progress in real time

    Powerful multi-dimensional dashboards, Gantt charts, mind maps, and other visualization tools are provided to help you intuitively understand project progress and distribution.

  • Refined authorization of project permissionsComprehensively protect project data and information security

    Weaver eteams project application offers refined permission management and allows you to flexibly grant management permissions to different personnel as needed. Ensure project data security while not affecting project collaboration

  • Flexible customization of project fieldsMeet the needs of different business scenarios

    You can flexibly customize project information and task milestone information to meet the requirements for personalized project management in different scenarios.

Application Scenarios of Project Management Collaboration at the Enterprise Level

Perfect and comprehensive scheme support to meet the
actual needs of various enterprises

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Demonstration Video for Modules of Project Management and Collaboration

Project management collaboration product demo video

With the project application of the cloud OA of Weaver, the internal personnel has clear permissions and responsibilities and can perform efficient cross-departmental collaboration. Externally, the project progress is synchronized with suppliers, customers, and other relevant personnel in real time, which makes internal and external collaboration more efficient.
Learn how to customize the view, count, and delete permissions for project members with different roles, and how managers can flexibly view project statistics without affecting the basic project collaboration.

Project Management Customer Cases

Project management customer case

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