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Enterprise project management cooperation

Weaver Cloud OA project management controls the whole life cycle management of the project form initiation, plan, execute, control to end; combined with enterprise needs, optimize the project management process of different positions and roles!

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Background of enterprise-level project management collaboration requirements

Requirement background of enterprise project management

Overall framework of enterprise-level project management collaboration

Overall framework of enterprise project management

Core features of enterprise-level project management

Core features of enterprise project management

  • Build enterprise project template libraryEfficient reuse of the same project

    When promoting different types of work in an enterprise with the project as the main line, the enterprise can turn the well-promoted project into a team template for new employees to reuse and quickly enter the work state态

  • Project process approval controlControl the project from the source

    Milestone management for the development and actual implementation of the project; and the information associated with the project in the approval form can be used to comprehensively determine whether to establish the project, cotrolling the project from the source

  • Quantify the information in the projectMake project management well-documented

    The tasks in the project, such as the task hours, due time, and the amount of postponed tasks can be flexibly set, and the data can be exported with one click, which provides a basis for the actual cost, benefit and delivery quality analysis of the project

  • Diversified project dashboard view modeReal-time understanding of project progress

    Powerful multi-dimensional dashboard, Gantt chart, mind map and other visualization tools, allowing intuitive understanding of project progress and distribution

  • Subdivision of project permissionsFully guarantee the security of project data information

    Weaver eteams project application, permissions are subdivided, and management permissions can be flexibly assigned to different personnel according to the needs of the enterprise. It does not affect the basic collaboration, but also ensures the security of project data

  • Flexible customization of project fieldsMeet the needs of different scenarios

    Enterprises can flexibly customize project information and mission milestone information according to actual project needs to meet personalized project management needs in different scenarios

Enterprise-level project management collaboration application scenarios

Perfect and comprehensive scheme support to meet the
actual needs of various enterprises

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Demonstration video of project management collaboration product

Project management collaboration product demo video

Cloud OA project applications allowing the enterprise's internal personnel having clear rights and responsibilities, and making efficient cross-departmental collaboration; externally, real-time project progress is synchronized to suppliers, customers and other personnel, allowing more efficient internal and external collaboration
How to customize the project viewing, counting, and deleting permissions of different personnel, and how to allow the managers flexibly view project statistics without affecting the basic project collaboration

Project management customer cases

Project management customer case

Guide to the use of project management collaboration products→
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