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One-stop CRM Sales Management Solution

Management is performed in linked aspects, from lead sources, follow-up of customers and business opportunities, to multiple offer management, contract signing and execution, order processing, management of payment collections, and sales funnel analysis. A closed loop of pre-sales, sales, and post-sales is formed, covering all stages of marketing and sales business management. This way, the ever-changing daily needs of companies are met.Enable for free

Background Information About the Demands of the Sales Management Platform

Demand background of sales management platform

General Framework of One-stop CRM Sales Management Platform

Overall framework of one stop CRM sales management platform

One-stop CRM for Whole Lifecycle Management of Customers

One stop CRM customer lifecycle management process

One-stop CRM for Sales Management Application Scenarios

One stop CRM sales management application scenarios

Demo Video of One-stop CRM Sales Management Product

One stop CRM sales management product demo video

  • The cloud OA system of Weaver can track the whole process from customer data management, and contract signing and archiving, to payment collection. You can track the details of the payment collection. This way, you can communicate with customers about the payment collection in a timely manner. This improves trust and loyalty among your customers and ensures that payments can be collected on time.
    With the help of CRM applications, you can assign the payment collection targets to specific personnel, track and manage the contract-related payment collections and invoicing information in phases, and assist the executive departments and relevant personnel in planning and implementing work for payment collections.
    As important resources for enterprises, business opportunities are not only the basis of sales work but also the source for successful transactions with customers. However, incomplete customer information and the lack of customer follow-up may lead to a loss of business opportunities. The CRM system of Weaver provides solutions to standardize business opportunity management.
  • Purchase-sell-stock management system is a common operation of commodity trading of enterprises. Without the complicated practices for ERP, the top-down management of enterprise materials covers inbound logistics, outbound logistics, and inventory. The cloud OA system can further collaborate with the shipping and purchasing departments to achieve integrated and convenient management.
    Learn how to manage customer information, follow-ups, contract signing, and out-of-office check-in efficiently through the mobile CRM of Weaver. Join the course to learn more about efficient customer follow-up using mobile phones.
    In customer management, it is important to learn how to flexibly control the create, delete, read, and other permissions of members with different roles, and perform a refined management of permissions to ensure the security of customer information.

One-stop CRM Sales Management Customer Cases

Project management customer case

  • Guangdong Huayu Engineering Consulting Services Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Bo Home Technology Co., Ltd.
  • CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd.
  • AVIC Nanjing Serovo Control System Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Shouan Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Tongren Ruibo Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
  • Guangxi Hengzhui Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.
  • Yingkou Jucheng Teaching & Technology Development Co. Ltd.
  • Guizhou Dehe Yixin Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Qingdao Jinyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Vision Medicals Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Juli Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.
  • Kunshan Sotan Automation Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Topway EM Industry Ltd.
  • Coscia International Brand Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
  • Guangdong Tianji Industrial Intelligent System Co., Ltd.
  • Hunan Lugu Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Mingdao (Guangzhou) Education Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Nanchang Lingke Youjia Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shandong Huaxin Hongrentang Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd.
  • See Digital Group Limited
  • Zhuhai Zhongguan Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
  • Baoyuan Biomedical Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • Jinchen Electric Power Group Co., Ltd.
  • Xinjiang Karchuke Catering Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Qianfeng Tiancheng Assets Management Co., Ltd.
  • Hunan Yuanshu Engineering Management Co., Ltd.
  • Henan Longshan Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Zhuiji Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Representative Office of BioTek Instruments, Inc.
  • Atlas Copco Industrial Technique (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Yunnan Nengtou Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Ji-Yang Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  • Luoyang Yurui Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Jianli Branch of Hubei Yimei Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Xinjiang Perception Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Jiahua International Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
  • EPN Skytrain Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Starconn Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Grand Logistics Co., Ltd.
  • Hubei (Wuhan) Kaiming High-tech Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Lingqun Education Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shida Shenghua (Quanzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • Wuhan Aqucell Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Xinjiang Jiacheng Real Estate Appraisal Surveying and Mapping Co., Ltd.
  • Dongguan Tangxia Sunjune Toy Product Factory
  • Beijing Qiuguo Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Caishi Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Zhengzhou Yuecheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Kangshijia Network Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  • Hubei Youyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Xinjiang Hengzhida Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Zhyu Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Scitop Bio-tech Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Wanli Handicraft Production Company
  • Shenzhen Yiaite Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Bestway Food Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Jindun Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shenyang Zhengxiang Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Huayi Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Happy Bird Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai FB Oil Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Chioy Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Subang Zhilian Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Chengdu Daxin Finance Consulting Co., Ltd.        
  • Lenovo New Vision (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.     
  • Qingdao Huazhi Smart Internet Technology Co., Ltd.      
  • Shanghai Oujian Communications Technology Co., Ltd.        
  • Jinggong Green Building System
  • Shanghai Realize Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Yisheng New Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Wuhan Zhuoruizhigao Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Zhizhen United Certified Public Accountants (General partnership)
  • Shantou Linyi Advertising Co., Ltd.
  • Beam Suntory Spirits Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Zibo Kangbei Medical Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Sihong Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Dalian Thermoelectricity Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Chaoji Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Still Water Group Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Juhong Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Hongzhiwei Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Mingxin Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Weihai Blue Ocean Bank Co., Ltd.
  • Suzhou Golden Future Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Sanbadao Marketing (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. 
  • Zhejiang Interhasa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.  
  • Shanghai Maxieye Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.    
  • Madison (Shanghai) Ltd.
  • Nanjing Xiaoxi Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Xinkun Guotai Investment Management Co., Ltd.
  • Fujian Beichen Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Formica (China) Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Baolongtai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Sawax Household Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Mengsheng Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Tianhuan Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Yuepin Property Management Co., Ltd.
  • China Vigor Drilling Oil Tools and Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Weihai Wisdom Valley Investment and Operation Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Wuhan Quansheng Certified Safety Engineer Co., Ltd.
  • Tianjia Intelligent Equipment Corp.
  • Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
  • Sichuan Zhize Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
  • Zhuhai Bafang Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Zhentong Construction Development Co., Ltd.
  • Kangding Kefeng Mining Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Xuchang Beiyou Wanlian Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Zhuzhou Lanma Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Shandong Power Transmission and Transformation Engineering Company
  • Yunfu Yunxin Investment Holding Co., Ltd.
  • Xingjiang Huitong Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Xinjiang Baicheng Yinxi Tiereke Coal Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Element Plus Group (Holdings) Limited
  • Yichang Sanxia Accountant Firm Co., Ltd.
  • Serva Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Gohead (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
  • CNC Driveline Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Hangzhou Yihua Textiles Silk Co., Ltd.
  • Suzhou Yongjie Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.
  • Xinjiang Kunpeng Haohai Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Guorun Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • ChinaGoAbroad Co., Ltd.
  • Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Nanjing Kuoyou Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Henan Fuan Decoration and Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Freetech Road Recycling Technology (Holdings) Ltd.
  • Shanghai Synyi Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Jianyang Linjia Food Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Pudong New Area Private Jiabao Qiantan Kindergarten
  • Shanghai Jaja Intelligent Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai NTFB Combustion Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Qingmei Daohe Design Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen LeagSoft Technology Co., Ltd.
  • In customer management, it is important to learn how to flexibly control the create, delete, read, and other permissions of members with different roles, and perform a refined management of permissions to ensure the security of customer information.
  • Huaian Yangguang Xincheng Elderly Care Co., Ltd.
  • Xiamen Qiangyun Network Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Qiangfeng Investment Group Co., Ltd.
  • Dalian Baokang Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Huarong Law Firm
  • Hangzhou Zhongliang Architectural Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
  • Tianjin Pan Pacific Bosun Oilfield Technology Ltd.
  • Shanghai Shangdun Home Decoration Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing BaishanCloud Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Zhangzhong Network Service Co., Ltd.
  • Guilin Yinhai Hospital Management Co., Ltd.
  • Qingdao Luer Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Xinjiang Meijia Food & Beverage Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen Dalei Vehicle Inspection Co., Ltd.
  • Zhongnan (Tianjin) Renewable Resources Co., Ltd.
  • China Tourism Association
  • Shenzhen Xinhongjia Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Huohao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Gansu Very Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Wuxi Saab Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Xinjiang Zhongtian Hongcheng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Zhuozhi Consulting Services Co., Ltd.
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