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Service begins with customer demand and ends with customer satisfaction. To provide a full range of local professional services for customers in various regions, truly according to the actual needs of enterprises to provide corresponding solutions, so as to better serve the majority of customers

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Industry Prospect

Industry Prospect

SAAS servers the blue ocean,and jointly digs up the billon-dollar enterprise market
Since 2015, the first year of enterprise SaaS application in the industry, SaaS has officially entered a period of great development. In 2015, China's collaborative office market has reached a market size of 8 billion. In the next few years, China's SaaS market will remain.30%With the above annual compound growth rate, Internet enterprises will become the driving force of SaaS promotion
Mobile office application market development trend
According to relevant survey data, the scale of China's enterprise mobile application market has been developing rapidly in recent years. The mobile OA application market will grow in the next five years270%,From $70bn in 2015 to $189bn in 2020. The rapid development of mobile Internet is narrowing the gap between enterprises, and every enterprise is eager to improve efficiency and management through the new collaborative office management mode brought by the Internet.

Weaver's Brand

Weaver's Brand


A goal

One goal

Provide the best for the customer
Enterprise collaborative office management software products



18 years of focus on collaborative software
R&d and services

An industry


86 industry segmentation solutions, more than 300 industry solution experts

Multiple service agencies


More than 170 service outlets, more than 900 implementation consultants, professional forces throughout the provinces and cities

A number of colleagues

Many staffs

More than 4000 micro professionals across the country to provide customers with a full range of quality collaborative management software products, solutions and services

Many users

Many users

In the country has more than 30,000 users, including more than 8,000 large and medium-sized organization users, covering 85 segments, has a wide range of customer practice accumulation

eteams Products

eteams Products



Industry covers


Post scenario


The size of the App


Version update


Business support

Business support

We will continue to provide you with high-quality support and platform.

Product system of public and private cloud

The product has strong extensibility, tens of millions of funds have been invested to complete the product research and development and market verification, and the technology is mature and leading, providing the most solid foundation guarantee for the partners


Comprehensive advertising coverage, regional market expansion support

Online and offline advertising covered multiple channels, and assisted local partners to hold offline events and meetings to expand the influence of partners in the local area.


A comprehensive and integrated service system

From the whole chain of pre-sales, sales, after-sales support services, 7*24 hours online answer questions, and help together to serve the end users


Perfect training system

Provide partners with comprehensive product training and practical guidance of marketing mode in the first time, including one-to-one headquarters on-site training, online live broadcasting platform and standardized sales tools.


18 years of end customer service experience

Provide a complete set of business support system, and more than 4000 national experts are you adhere to the backup think-tank circle.


Sharing the contacts of Weaver personnel circle

The continuous establishment of the ecosystem network of talents in the IT industry is also your firm source of support.

Being a local regional partner is more than just an identity
Regional OA brand
In the local area, where there are no hierarchy constraints, you are the general manager of the pan-micro eteams region.
Area independent site
Grasp all local resources in the region first, fully and freely marketing their own and customer contacts.
Regional leading professional services
The first time to synchronize the headquarters of the latest professional service policy, solid rear support
Join us and unleash your entrepreneurial passion

Independently operate the authorized regional market without interference

Don't need to control money,
servers the blue ocean,and jointly digs up the billon-dollar enterprise market

Revenue back-to-back cooperation, sustainable sharing

A deal, continued renewal
Enjoy the customer's continuous service and revenue sharing for life

Uniform price, transparent market

We will resolutely maintain market order and unify market norms
Ensure the core interests of regional partners

Service first, win-win cooperation, joint venture with weiwei eteams to serve new and old customers

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