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Plan background

Planning background

servers the blue ocean,and jointly digs up the billon-dollar enterprise market
At present, the structure and office space of organizations are becoming more and more flexible, and daily office is often carried out around business objectives. With the popularity of online office, more and more organizations choose to build applications on the cloud. The huge cloud office market needs to unite more forces to provide effective services.
invite you to gather in the cloud to create a new business of cloud Office
in order to provide all-round localized professional services for regional customers and build a platform for sustainable development of capable and responsible partners, based on the pan micro cloud jukunpeng partnership plan, we have established a long-term development authorized 'regional business partner' system. Now we are recruiting for cities all over the country. We invite you to gather in the cloud and share the 100 billion cloud office market.

Weaver's Brand

Weaver's Brand


A goal

One goal

Provide the best for the customer
Enterprise collaborative office management software products



20 years of focus on collaborative office software
R&d and services

An industry


87 industry segment solutions for most enterprise organizations

Multiple service agencies


More than 200 localization organizations have built the service ability within 2 hours, and the professional force is all over the country

A number of colleagues

Many staffs

More than 6800 micro professionals across the country to provide customers with a full range of quality collaborative management software products, solutions and services

Many users

Many users

In the country has more than 500000 large and medium-sized organization customers in China, covering 87 sub industries, and more than 800000 registered users of eteams, with a wide range of customer practice experience

eteams Products

eteams Products



Industry covers


Post scenario


The size of the App


Version update


Business support

Business support

Advantage empowerment, continue to boost revenue

Mature cloud office applications, one click registration enabled

Provide mature cloud OA product foundation for partners, covering more than 30 office applications such as 'approval, project task, CRM, data collaboration' in one, customers do not need to deploy, register and use, easy to promote!


wide customer coverage and rich application scenarios

multi channel coverage of online and offline advertising. At present, it has served 800000 enterprises, realizing more than 800 application scenarios such as online office, administration, personnel, projects, customers, etc., with fast penetration of orders!


Low code construction platform, free and open

From the whole chain of pre-sales, sales, after-sales support services, 7*24 hours online answer questions, and help together to serve the end users


share customer network resources

massive customer resources cover all provinces and cities in China, and the continuous establishment of IT industry talent ecosystem is also your firm source of support.


strong brand support

OA main board listed enterprises, national key software enterprises, Tencent strategic investment, organizational scale, brand influence are in the leading position in the industry, pan micro cloud platform has long-term customer trust.


comprehensive integrated service system

From the whole chain of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale support, product service consultants provide one-to-one maintenance guidance, and help to serve end users together.

Being a local regional partner is more than just an identity
Regional OA brand
In the local area, where there are no hierarchy constraints, you are the general manager of the pan-micro eteams region.
Area independent site
Grasp all local resources in the region first, fully and freely marketing their own and customer contacts.
Regional leading professional services
The first time to synchronize the headquarters of the latest professional service policy, solid rear support
Join us and unleash your entrepreneurial passion

Independently operate the authorized regional market without interference

support partnership and agency income sharing mode,
100% of the first year's revenue belongs to the Kunpeng partners of the cloud platform,
to ensure the profitability of the partners.

easy to use, fast delivery

from help center to training video, serving every registered customer,
online guide customer self-service use, partners only need to implement light training to quickly deliver, reduce the implementation pressure of partners.

service sharing, unified reporting system

unified reporting standards to ensure the core interests of regional partners
The platform provides business knowledge, product training, financial settlement and other sharing services,Kunpeng partners only need to focus on customer business.

Join the process

Join the process

  • Fill in the franchise application

  • Headquarters interview audit

  • Sign cooperation agreement

  • Attend company training

  • Pass assessment / issue authorization certificate

  • Develop regional business

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