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Product Introduction

Advance the goal with your team,
and know about what other team members do every day, anytime and anywhere.


Sign in and out by shaking your mobile phone. The system keeps track of your work status and working hours.
Sign-in and sign-out based on the geographical location of mobile phones are supported and associated with the on/off time of the enterprise. The attendance statistics of team members can be automatically generated.

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Daily Work Report

Review your achievements of the day. Showcase your accomplishments. Record your daily accomplishments and share your experiences. Gain insight into the work status and efficiency of each member of the organization, and the progress of each project.

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A library of business forms for various industries helps you better understand the operating experience and internal requirements of similar companies of the same size as yours.
Fully digitalize routine administration and business approval workflows and improve enterprise efficiency through mobile approval.

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File Library

Set up a unified knowledge base in the cloud for the team to create, accumulate, share, edit, and use work knowledge and experience among all members.
You can also set up a team collaboration center based on copywriting, planning, and solution documents.

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Project Management

There are always a variety of projects underway at work: engineering, after-sales follow-up, IT R&D, and other projects. Weaver eteams helps your team manage projects by allowing you to assign tasks to team members, use Gantt charts to monitor project progress, and improve your management abilities.
Establish PDCA project-oriented coordination in a flexible team across teams and organizations to enhance the execution of the team.

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Task Collaboration

Give feedback and track tasks at any time, and assign tasks to others. Follow people and tasks, and track the progress of the tasks at any time. Create a task chain to bring related tasks together, and effectively implement your project.

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Work Report

A summary can be generated on the achievements and development made during the week, month, or year, with a short plan for the next step.
The system can automatically summarize your daily work to help you understand the details of each summary report on a daily basis.

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One-stop CRM Customer Management System

Perform unified management of marketing activities, leads, customers, contacts, business opportunities, contracts, products, competitors, sales statements, and business trips of sales staff. Track every step of the customer and manage sales operations.
Optimize the sales process, strengthen sales management, and improve sales performance.

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Business Forms

Redefine collaboration with data, and get recording in ledgers, data reporting, and external research and collection done at the same time. Say goodbye to traditional manual data collection. You can submit data in real time, and automatically generate data and reports.

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With the system, HR staff can efficiently complete their work, including personnel file management, recruitment, HR workflow management, performance appraisal, attendance statistic calculation, payroll issuance, and employee training.
Help HR staff complete their work more efficiently.
Help HR staff collaborate and communicate more smoothly with other employees.

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Every minute counts, so we have no time to lose. Enhance your sense of time and establish personalTodolist。
time-based teamwork allows you to know the time arrangements of each individual to prevent scheduling conflicts.

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Work Message

The records of communication on work matters are preserved for a long period of time.
Every communication in WeChat among the team members focuses on the work achievements and the process of establishing targeted interactions for work collaboration.

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Statistical Report

The platform provides multi-faceted statistical analysis and reporting data centered around personnel and work.
It also offers statistical forms for daily reports, tasks, workflows, customers, attendance, working hours, personnel, etc.

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Personalized Application

Customize your own work applications based on your business requirements.
Separate core business content or workflows from other workflows to make it easier for employees to use the system and collaborate with each other.

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Integrated Office Solution

Perform unified management of corporate resources, such as announcements and meeting rooms.
Provide employees with quick access to corporate information resources by using intelligent and mobile methods. This facilitates collaboration among employees.

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Record what you will do, what you have done, and what you have gained every day. Advance the goal with your team, and know about what other team members do every day, anytime and anywhere. Follow up on the execution of projects, record gains, and share insights with the team in real time. You can use the eteams enterprise account suite to set up a mobile OA collaboration space for your team.

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WeChat Service Account

You can quickly scan the QR code below to follow the eteams service account and bind your accounts to participate. Account registration and authentication are not required.

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