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Product introduction

Work with team members to advance target results anytime, anywhere.
Understand everyone's process, focus on daily things


Shake me to work, master the state of commuting and working hours.
Geographically-based mobile check-in and check-out, combined with the company's commute time, automatically form a team member's work attendance track

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Daily Work Report

Review the achievements of the day, show and share today's achievements and work experience! Record the work results and experience sharing of each day, and perspective the working status, effectiveness and progress of each member of the organization

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Business form libraries from all walks of life can help you quickly learn from similar companies and companies of the same size operating experience and internal regulatory requirements.
The company's daily administrative management and business approval processes are all electronicized and paperless, and internal efficiency is further improved through mobile approval.

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Document Library

In the process of knowledge accumulation and team building, the editors should make full use of their knowledge and experience.
And form a team collaboration center based on documents such as copywriting, planning, plans, etc.

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Project Management

Work is always full of a variety of projects: project implementation, after-sales follow-up, IT R & D , and so on. With the help of the Weaver eteams application, you can help your team to manage and control the project. You can quickly assign employee tasks and keep track of progress through Gantt charts to improve your management capabilities.
Support multi - person, cross - departmental collaboration, clear responsibilities

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Task Collaboration

Work tasks can be feedbacked and tracked at any time, and tasks can also be assigned to others; by paying attention to people and things, the tasks that are concerned can be shown at any time; the related tasks are brought together through the task main line to effectively implement the project.

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Plan Reports

What work results have been achieved weekly, monthly and annually, summing up the growth experience, and concisely reporting the overall plan for the next step.
The system helps to refine the content of each day's work report, so that you can understand specific issues while understanding the summary report.

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Integrative Customer Relationship Management

Mobile terminal unified management of market activities, leads, customers, contacts, business opportunities, order contracts, products, competitors, sales reports, sales field and other links, closely follow each step of the customer and manage the sales business process
Optimize the sales process, strengthen sales management, and improve sales performance

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Business Forms

Redefine collaboration with data, and do it all together with ledger records, data reporting, and external survey collection.Say goodbye to traditional paper and pen data collection methods, complete data submission in real time, and automatically generate data and reports

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Personnel files, personnel recruitment, personnel workflows, performance evaluation, attendance statistics, payroll issuance, employee training, and other personnel tasks are all handled.
Help personnel complete various fragmented personnel tasks more efficiently
Help personnel to better collaborate and communicate with other colleagues

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In the era of race against time, do not waste a minute and a second; strengthen the concept of time and establish personalTodolist。
Team collaboration based on time and know each other colleague's time, avoid conflict of work

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Work message

Never disappear work item communication record
WeChat within the team, each communication is to build targeted interactions around the work results and its matters

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Provide unified and centralized multi-angle statistical analysis and report data around people and events
Statistical reports on daily newspapers, tasks, processes, customers, attendance, working hours, personnel, etc.

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Personalized application

Enterprises can customize the required work applications according to their own needs.
Separate the core work content or business process of the enterprise to facilitate the use and collaboration of employees

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General office

Unified management of corporate comprehensive resources such as corporate announcements and conference rooms
Provide employees with quick access to corporate information resources in an intelligent and mobile manner, providing basic resource assistance for efficient collaboration

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WeChat work

What to do each day, what you have done, what you have learned; work with the team to promote the goal results, understand everyone's every process, focus on what is happening every day; track the implementation process, record growth and share in real time with the team; use eteams Enterprise WeChat Suite to create a mobile OA office collaboration space for teams

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Service Wechat Account

No need to register and verify the enterprise account, just follow the eteams service account (scan the QR code on the right) and bind the account, you can immediately collaborate internally

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