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Version is introduced

Tips: after registration, you can enjoy the free 7-day trial experience of the standard version

Version features (7 days of standard version after trial reduced to free version The free version The standard version Price / yuan (person / year)
The number of users ≤25people Under the purchase contract
Global function Application data collaborative security 0
Organization members Basis function 0
Multi - superior, multi - post, multi - department, authority open, assistant 0
Message notification Basis function 0
Custom Settings 0
Chat messages Basis function 0
Association collaboration (association of other application functions, communication and collaboration on a matter) 0
Team Share 0
Work dynamics 0
Attendance Basis function 80
Statistics, field reporting
Schedule Basis function 158
Associated tasks, etc.
Task Basis function
Custom settings, statistics
Project Basic functions (20 items in total)
Unlimited number of items, project permission settings, project statistics
Document Basic functions (10 public folders in total) 88
Unlimited number of folders, document customization
Daily Report Basis function 98
Work history, daily report customization, statistics
Report Basis function
Report template settings, statistics
CRM Basis function 188
All custom settings, customer statistics, such as leads, customer base, business opportunities, products, contracts, customer high seas, etc.
Workflow Basic functions (a total of 6 approval forms) 228
No restrictions on the number of approval forms, statistics, delegate Settings
Business Forms Basic functions (6 forms in total, and no more than 100 pieces of single form data) 158
Customized settings such as unlimited number of forms, unlimited number of individual form data, form modeling, form permissions, etc.
total 998
Other value-added services Payroll 1-50people:800yuan/years
More than 50 people: the number of people exceeded is 18 yuan / person / year
Performance appraisal 188yuan/people/years
Eeail(After docking, you can send and receive emails inside and outside the enterprise.) 36yuan/people/years
storage Free gift1000M
Standard gift2G/people
Exceeding part of 10 yuan/G/years(10GPurchase)
Short Message 10wInside part (excluding 10W): 0.1 yuan/article
10w-50wPart: 0.09 yuan/article
50wThe above section(Does not contain50w):0.08yuan/article
(Pre-charge at least 1000 pieces)
OpenApi Free edition customer (free / trial)
Total call limit: 100 free calls in total
Exceeded part: 0.1 yuan / time
Concurrency limit: 2 times / sec
Paid customer
Daily limit: number of purchases * 50 times / day
Exceeded part: 1 yuan / 100 times
Concurrency limit: 10 times / sec
Enterprise independent domain name Application for independent domain name by eteams: 2500 yuan/years(Security certificate with SSL);
Binding enterprise own domain name: 1000 yuan/Year (SSL security certificate is provided by the enterprise);
I'm gonna go ahead and see itSpecific can consult your service consultant
Personalized login page 500yuan/(must have a business independent domain name or personalized login address)
invoice Identification & Verification function fee: 5000 yuan / year
invoice identification fee: 1 yuan / time (pre recharge required)
invoice verification fee: 3 yuan / time (pre charge required)
Note: 15% discount for one purchase for 2 years, and 75% discount for one purchase for 3 years. For more information, please contact a professional consultant. 021-50388680

Purchase and payment instructions

To open an account name Shanghai tianmu information technology co. LTD.
The bank account 693149286
bank China minsheng bank Shanghai pudong branch

Note: when you fill in the name of 'remitter' or 'remitter' in the remittance, try to use the team name or name you left when communicating with the service consultant, and notify your service consultant or online customer service after the transfer, so that we can better open services for you

Frequently asked questions

  • 1、How do I renew it
  • After you sign the cooperation agreement with eteams, you can renew the fee according to the agreement price signed in the first year. If the price is adjusted, you can renew the fee according to the agreement price or the adjusted price. At the same time, there will be a one-to-one service consultant for you to operate and docking.
  • 2、How much will it cost to add users
  • After signing the cooperation agreement with eteams for the first time, we will open the background for you according to the agreed number of users. If more users are needed, we need to sign an additional purchase agreement with the docking service consultant, and the price will be based on the agreement signed at the first time.
  • 3、Can you customize the development
  • eteamsIn addition, customization and personalization are the development direction of eteams in the future, which will realize the personalized and customized requirements of more enterprises. At the same time, as the cloud OA platform of fanwei, fanwei also has many customized development projects to meet the needs of enterprises.
  • 4、How to arrange the service after the cooperation
  • When you cooperate with eteams, you will not only enjoy continuous free upgrade and maintenance services, but also we will have one-to-one service consultants to support all your needs. In addition, we have multiple online QQ service groups, which can provide real-time online solutions for you around the clock.
  • 5、Whether enterprise data is secure within the system
  • The security of all enterprise data is our first and foremost concern before providing other services. All eteams employees are users, and we understand the importance of data security to the enterprise. So far, among the more than 600,000 enterprises we serve, there are also Banks, government agencies, schools and religious organizations.
    In addition, we use a variety of methods and leading technologies to protect the security of enterprise data. No loss or fear of being accessed by a competitor. Server authentication and data encryption are used to double the security of your information. At the same time, the hardware environment protection system is established, the firewall is adopted to prevent external invasion and interference, the system is strengthened, the data is isolated, each customer data USES an independent database, the permission is controlled, the access control list (ACL) is used to define the access rights, as well as the data operation to ensure the effective users to use the system normally.
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