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Integrative Cloud Platform for Teamwork Cooperation

What did you do, what did you do and what did you get out of it
Promote the achievement of goals in real time and build a highly efficient collaborative team

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New generation of internal-external collaboration
Mobile office cloud platform

New generation mobile office cloud platform
with internal and external collaboration

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Diversified application scenarios to meet your all-round collaborative work

Customer Management

Business Opportunity Clues

Quotation Management

Contract Orders

Electronic Signature

Expense Reimbursement

Official Document Management

Knowledge Documents

Personal Management

Performance Appraisal

Attendance Management

Business Forms

Project Management

Task Collaboration

Daily Work Report

Plan Reports

Mobile office

Finish the task efficiently anytime and anywhere

Application value

What can eteams do for you?

Pay attention to the work effect of subordinates

Under the flat organizational environment, it is more necessary to quickly and comprehensively understand the effectiveness of each subordinate, the promotion of the established work, and timely give guidance and adjustment to help employees grow.

Working trace

It is not only to solve the problem of wrangling, but also to accumulate the process of everyone's daily work, automatically report, precipitate and form long-term experience sharing within the company.

Implementation of rules and regulations

Help enterprises to standardize electronic rules, quickly establish and optimize internal workflow rules, and release more energy to promote the set goals through mobile approval.

Real-time collaboration

Each post not only performs its own duties, but also can rapidly collaborate across posts and departments without regional restrictions based on specific work objectives or items, so as to establish a high-speed cooperation mechanism centered on projects and customers

Execution of PDCA

In all cases, a closed-loop working mechanism can be established from goal plan formulation to implementation feedback, regular inspection, and summary sharing, as well as personnel.

Mobile work

Use it anytime, anywhere on mobile devices to use fragmented time to communicate and deal with work items, and never worry about the emergency can't be fed back in time.


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