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Integrated Mobile Office Cloud Platform

Record your task, your completed tasks, and insights every day.
Advance the goal in real time, and improve teamwork efficiency.

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New-generation Fully Coordinated
Mobile Cloud Office Platform

New generation mobile office cloud platform
with internal and external collaboration

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Official Document Management

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Human Resources Management

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Attendance Management

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Project Management

Task Collaboration

Daily Work Report

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Mobile Office

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How Can eteams Help You?

Know the Accomplishments of Subordinates

In a flat organization, it is very important to have a quick and comprehensive understanding of the accomplishments and work progress of each subordinate, and provide timely guidance and adjustments to help them grow.

Keep a Record of Work

Work records can help solve disputes. Moreover, the accumulated practices of each employee in handling various matters can offer valuable knowledge to other employees in the enterprise.

Implement Regulations

eteams allows you to perform e-management of corporate standards and regulations. You can quickly establish and optimize internal workflow rules, and initiate or process approval requests on mobile devices. This way, you can focus your efforts on establishing goals.

Real-time Collaboration

While performing their individual duties, employees can collaborate on specific tasks or matters across positions, departments, and regions, creating an efficient collaboration mechanism centered on projects and customers.

PDCA Execution

All tasks and personnel are subject to a closed-loop management mechanism from goal setting and planning, implementation and feedback, regular inspections, to completion, conclusion, and sharing.

Mobile Office

You can communicate with colleagues and manage your work anytime and anywhere on your mobile device. This frees you from worries about not being able to give timely feedback or advance urgent tasks.


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